Samsung Galaxy Buds Beyond rumoured for 2021: Specs, features, price and release date predictions

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Usually with Samsung, if Apple creates something, they follow. Or try to ‘beat’ them through the rumours they’ve heard, and bring out features that simply aren’t ready for the general public just yet. The Galaxy Fold being a prime example.

However, when Apple brought out their wireless earphones, the AirPods to market in 2017, Samsung were quick to capitalise on this for the Android market with their ‘Galaxy Buds’.

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They have a design that looked like kidney beans, but in white and which slot directly in the ear, with small taps to control whatever you have playing.

In subsequent years, newer models have appeared, such as the Buds Live and the Buds+, but there are rumours of a ‘Beyond’ model rumoured to drop in 2021.


While a trademark filing as made its appearance in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, no new features have leaked out here.

However, there are rumours of noise cancellation to rival Apple’s AirPods Pro, with longer battery life and better range when connected to an Android phone.

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Currently the Galaxy Buds line retails between £139.99 and £179.99, so there’s an opportunity here for a higher-end version to appear.

This why we suspect the ‘Buds Beyond’ could retail at £229.99, to undercut the Apple AirPods Pro and have them viewed as a more affordable option to Android owners.

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Release Date

The Galaxy Buds line usually release around a new phone, case in point are the S20 (Buds+) and Note S20 (Buds Live) from earlier this year.

With the Samsung Galaxy S21 rumoured to launch in January, it’s not an outside bet to think that the ‘Buds Beyonds’ will also be launching at the same time.

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