Is Samsung Galaxy AI free?

Samsung Galaxy AI free till 2025
Credit: Samsung

Is Samsung Galaxy AI free? During Samsung's Unpacked event on January 17, the most awaited Samsung Galaxy S24 series was finally unveiled along with some exciting features and capabilities.

One such feature that caught everyone's attention was the Samsung Galaxy AI. During a presentation, Samsung revealed that the latest AI addition to the Galaxy S24 series will be capable of real-time voice or text translation, tweaking your images on voice commands or more without third-party app interference.

However, one thing that is left out to be answered is - Is Samsung Galaxy AI free? Here is what you should know.

Is Samsung Galaxy AI free?

Coming straight to your query - Samsung Galaxy AI is indeed free now for Samsung Galaxy S24 models, but here's a twist - it ain't gonna be forever. Yes, you heard it correctly, as Samsung is only planning to provide free Galaxy AI service up until 2025.

This can also be verified via the official Samsung Galaxy AI blog, where they mentioned that Galaxy AI will be available for use by 2025 without any cost for all Samsung-supported devices.

Samsung Galaxy AI free till 2025
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It's interesting to note how this crucial piece of information was placed at the very bottom of the blog, and in a font that tends to slip through the eyes. To be honest, did you find it on the first go? It could be possible that Samsung has yet to lay out a concrete plan regarding its implementation.

This implies that we might need to wait a bit longer before any definitive actions are taken. However, for the time being, users should certainly prepare to open their wallets wider.

In recent times, Artificial Intelligence has stepped up its game to match our needs. It's not just about asking for the weather or recipes anymore! Now, AI is like your best buddy on your smartphone, helping you do amazing things in no time flat. However, this comes with a monetary cost, which companies have been covering as a complimentary service thus far.

While AI use has been implemented on devices for some time now, the increasing demands of users need to boost AI technologies.

One such thing is real-time generative AI which can translate text on your page and edit images or videos as per your real-time voice commands and this is what big firms like Google, Apple, and Samsung are eyeing into.

Tech firms are seriously considering monetizing AI services by introducing more powerful features. This opens the doors for an additional source of revenue beyond physical products or traditional software(premium updates, cloud storage) sales.

Companies like OpenAI's ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot have already set the business models by offering subscription plans for advanced response generation. In Google Pixel 8, you can access the advanced editor feature once you subscribe to Google One.

Samsung Galaxy AI price

Now, coming to the question - how much does Galaxy AI will cost? At the time of writing, there is no news regarding pricing. However, just like the Pixel 8, we can expect a subscription plan.

We'll have to wait and see the exact price points nearer the time.

Before wrapping, we hope you got your answer. Meanwhile, if you are interested you can also check out the best Android and iOS mobile games.

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