Samsung 5G bus experience: Here's when and where to join in and try out 5G

As 5G is slowly rolling out to the United Kingdom, awareness of the faster spectrum is going to be dependant on the latest phones that support it.

From the recent iPhone 12 line to Samsung’s S20 and Z Flip smartphones, 5G is already becoming accessible to many whose phone contracts are up for renewal.

However, the real test is how the speed can be used in everyday life, especially when COVID-19 is defeated. From the work commute to going out with friends, it needs to be showcased in order to help others understand the benefits of 5G.

Which is why Samsung have decided to launch a ‘5G Bus’ of their own.

All Aboard the Samsung Bus

The experience space, Samsung KX announced their ‘5G Bus’ on Monday, where visitors can visit three stations that take advantage of the 5G network, which include:

  • On the go Gaming
  • On the go Work
  • On the go Entertainment

Located in the west-wing of the innovation space at London’s Coal Drops Yard, Samsung are touting this bus as “...A one-of-a-kind replica of the city’s most iconic form of transport, this new installation uniquely portrays the endless capabilities of Samsung 5G technology whilst on the go. It boasts a home office and gaming zone, interactive shelter and a life-sized bus installation.”

Samsung 5G BUS
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All Aboard for 5G

There are Xbox games that can be played on a Samsung Note20, or some productivity taken upon on the Galaxy Tab S7, or using both devices to watch and listen to entertainment through Spotify, Netflix or YouTube.

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Next Destination; 5G

Of course this experience is COVID-prepared, so the team are ready to sanitise and make sure everything is socially-distant. But it’s these experiences that will help a general customer understand the benefits of 5G.

We are at a point where we can do our work almost anywhere, and watch our curated content anywhere. That’s no more prevalent than on public transport, so it’s a good touch by Samsung to offer this experience on something that people can relate to in England’s capital.

XCloud on a Samsung bus.
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xCloud on 5G, in a Samsung Bus.

With a rumoured Galaxy S30 launch coming sooner than we think in January, it’s a great time for anyone to visit to understand what 5G can provide, and could even cut the cord for some who have a broadband connection in their home.

With Microsoft’s xCloud showcasing the gaming side of 5G, it’s only going to be in the public conscious even more as we head into 2021 and the demands for customers grow for new content and games as we reach our destinations.

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