OnePlus Nord Buds: Release Date, Leaks, Price, And More

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OnePlus have been heavily rumoured to be adding another set of powerful earbuds to their lineup, namely the OnePlus Nord Buds and we for one are counting down to their release date.

The world of wireless earbuds is slowly growing by the minute, with many top brands launching great earphones to improve their audio game. Whilst the focus may be have been on AirPods or even the expected Galaxy Buds 3 for instance, it's worth noting many other brands have now got in on the act in recent years, with pretty decent results.

As for the OnePlus Nord Buds, we've taken the time out to round up any hearsay, leaks and potential rumours surrounding the new earbuds, and why they're definitely something to look forward to.

OnePlus Nord Buds Release Date

A recent tweet from OnePlus India announced that a launch event will be taking place on April 28th and it certainly looks like we'll be getting a glimpse of the OnePlus Nord Buds.

We're putting that down to the picture of some wireless earbuds in between two phones, shown in the tweet.

oneplus nord buds
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We are still in the dark as to when these could release though, but we can try and predict based on previous releases.

The last OnePlus-related earbuds, the Z2s were released in January 2022, and before that, the OnePlus Bud Pros launched in August 2021.

There seems to be a five to six month gap between product releases, which may suggest the OnePlus Nord Buds may launch in June or July this year, which is only a couple of months away, as per our estimations.

This notion of the release date being rather close would also be reflected within a recent FCC listing that noted the Nord Buds have passed through FCC certification (via GSMArena). It comes alongside a finalised design and notice of what would be bundled with the earphones in retail packaging.

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OnePlus Nord Buds Design

One of the only real leaks we have for the OnePlus Nord Buds concerns its potential design, as per images that surfaced online when the earphones passed their FCC certification within a recent filing spotted by MySmartPrice. You can check one of them out below:

OnePlus Nord Buds Release Date
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Image Credit: FCC (via MySmartPrice)

It looks as if the OnePlus Nord Buds will feature a semi-long stem on the earbuds themselves, alongside a relatively sizeable tip, With that being said, they aren't any images concerning ear tips to fit on to make the earbuds fit different sizes, but it would make sense for these to be bundled in the box.

We've also got a look at the potential case for these buds, which looks sleek in a black colouring. There's no word on whether it'll have wireless charging, but the FCC image above shows a short USB-C to C cable in the usual red and white for OnePlus' cabling.

OnePlus Nord Buds Specs

As for specs, info is a little thin on the ground at the moment on most things, but we do have some information concerning battery life, as per MySmartPrice.

The OnePlus Nord Buds should have a 41mAh battery inside, according to FCC data, with the charging case featuring a 480mAh capacity. For reference, this is a 100mAh or so more than the AirPods 3s, so should allow for pretty good battery life.

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As and when we get more detailed specs, we'll be sure to let you know.

OnePlus Nord Buds Price Predictions

Once again, there's been very little official notice that the OnePlus Nord Buds even exist, so we're left to look at previous OnePlus buds models to get an idea of price. For instance, the Buds Pros that launched in August 2021 carried an RRP of £139.99/$149.99 and the Z2s launched back in January 2022 cost $99.

As the Nord Buds will be part of OnePlus' more affordable Nord line of products, it would make sense that they should offer good value for money, and act as a handy mid-range option.

This would suggest a price of around $50-$70, given the current market, and pit the Nord Buds well against other more affordable earbuds.

As always, we’ll continue to keep our ears to the ground and update you with more when we get it.

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