NVIDIA Canvas Mobile: Can You Use NVIDIA Canvas On iOS or Android?

Rocks in water - NVIDIA Canvas mobile
Credit: NVIDIA

Rocks in water - NVIDIA Canvas mobile
Credit: NVIDIA

With the proliferation of AI image generators, our attentions turn on this occasion to another one - specifically asking whether there is an NVIDIA Canvas mobile app, or whether it's possible to use this particular app on your mobile.

Canvas works slightly differently compared to the likes of Midjourney or Dall.E, for example.

We'll explain exactly what you need to know. But if you are hoping to use NVIDIA Canvas on your mobile, we'd advise against getting your hopes up too far.

Is There An NVIDIA Canvas Mobile App?

NVIDIA Canvas does not (at the moment at least) have an app that's available on either the App Store or the Google Play Store. And we probably wouldn't hold out much hope of seeing one any time soon.

Canvas is not really intended for use through your mobile. While it is free to download, it requires RTX Tensor Cores to function, and is supported on GeForce RTX and NVIDIA RTX GPUs. Its full system requirements are as follows:

  • NVIDIA RTX GPUs: desktop, laptop and virtual GPUs.
  • NVIDIA Driver: 471.68 or later; it's recommended to use NVIDIA Studio Drivers
  • Windows 10 2004 or later
  • SSD recommended
  • Input:
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • Optional: touch screen
  • Optional: tablet and stylus (e.g., Wacom Cintiq or Intuos Pro)

In other words, NVIDIA has designed this to be run through a computer, and not through a mobile phone. The fact that it requires Windows 10 or later to function, would appear to immediately rule out the vast majority of mobile devices.

However, there are some very determined types who have managed to use a desktop browser to download Canvas onto their mobile devices. It is possible, but the functionality and user experience are a long way removed from what NVIDIA intend. So if you want to explore that avenue, go right ahead.

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Just don't expect it to work as fluently as you would experience when using the right kind of hardware. Besides, there are plenty of other AI image generators that you can use on your mobile, that would provide you with comparable results, should you wish. And won't cause you enormous amounts of frustration.

What Is NVIDIA Canvas?

As a brief explainer, NVIDIA Canvas is a painting application. It allows users to swiftly create landscapes, either by using photos, or through some basic sketches.

Users are able to create all kinds of different landscapes, with the option of adding filters so that your image resembles the style of a specific artist, should you wish.

The idea behind this is to enable creators to save vast amounts of time in generating ideas for landscapes. Some examples NVIDIA offer include an art director creating the perfect landscape backdrop for an ad campaign, or Archive designers creating backdrops for their buildings.

NVIDIA Canvas doesn't offer the same degree of functionality as many other AI image generators. Nor does it use text prompts, the way that many others do. Instead, the AI has been trained on millions of landscape images. So landscapes are what you're going to get.

In summary, there is no dedicated NVIDIA Canvas mobile app, and functionality, should you be determined enough to get it onto your phone, will be far from ideal. Stick it on an appropriate computer though, and you'll be creating masterpieces in no time.

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