Does The Nothing Phone 1 Have A Release Date? And Everything Else We Know

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The Nothing Phone 1 is heading our way and we're counting down the days to release, as it could end up as one of the most unique (and potentially best mid-range) smartphone releases to date.

Carl Pei, who co-founded OnePlus with Pete Lau started 'Nothing' and has been teasing the Nothing Phone 1 for sometime now, and though it's now April and we still don't have a proper look at the phone itself, it's already gaining a lot of attention.

Let's take a look at what we know so far, and why you should start getting excited.

Does The Nothing Phone 1 Have A Release Date?

So, right off the back, we now know that the Nothing Phone 1 is said to be heading our way for Summer 2022, but unfortunately for us, the exact date is still yet to be revealed.

We're hoping to hear more in the coming weeks, and we'll update you as soon as we know.

Nothing Phone 1 Latest Leaks

Another mysterious post from the company itself turned out to be an April Fools joke. The original tweet showing the bottom of the phone, plus a vague message was followed by a tweet that takes a dig at Android phones that we didn't see coming.

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Image Credit: Nothing
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Image Credit: Nothing

Shots fired indeed! The phone, which looks very close to a number of Android devices, has been used to again push the Nothing narrative of originality and innovation in design.

And we must say, it is starting to work! We're very excited to see the phone itself, but after all this, we hope it can deliver more than just great fashion sense...

Nothing Phone 1 Specs

While the phone itself is still very much a mystery, there are some snippets of information that give us something to go least for now.

A recent event, 'The Truth', where we were given a small, but significant tease of the Nothing Phone 1 (and no, we didn't get to see it!) gives us an idea of what to expect, however, it's still quite broad strokes.

What is known is that the Nothing Phone 1 will use a Snapdragon chipset, but which one is still up for debate. We'd think it's likely that it wouldn't be the latest and greatest, based purely on the fact that this phone looks to be an affordable alternative to the likes of Apple and Samsung, and therefore needs to keep costs down.

If this is the case, then for everyday use there shouldn't be a huge issue, but for more heavy duty tasks like gaming it may not match up to the big guns.

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The partnership with Qualcomm and Pei's mention of 'fast connectivity speeds' could suggest that 5G is heading our way. We think that's quite likely, but again, most of the information on this phone is still very much in the dark.

Pei also mentioned that when it comes to RAM it delivers "optimal processing power and RAM for the exact app you're using..."

Now that doesn't give us a whole lot to go on in terms of size, but could be interpreted as if the Nothing 1 is on the small side. Maybe we'll see something with sub 8GB RAM, but we won't know for sure until we hear more.

Nothing Phone 1 OS

The Nothing OS is said to be to run on the Android OS and combine the unique Nothing aesthetic with the everything the Android OS does well.

There is also said to be some scope for a more bespoke experience when it comes to sounds and fonts.

This image from Wired, shows the Nothing OS, and we really like it. It's very minimal, which may not be for some, but we think it'll be a big hit.

Image Credit Wired
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Image Credit: Wired

Nothing Phone 1 Features & Design

Uniquely, the Nothing Phone 1 has not even been shown yet, but the logo itself on the product tease gives us something to go on.

It looks like the logo can be illuminated, which suggests that the phone will have a transparent back, and that's something that was also assumed following a tweet from the company that literally read 'Let's get transparent'.

As for the lighting itself, we don't know exactly what type of lights they'll use, but the general consensus is that they'll have more of retro feel, similar to the style of the Nothing Ear 1.

The same goes for some of the more unique features like a 'retro analog tape-style controller', which is said to drum up some nostalgia.

In terms of design, the Nothing Phone 1 has been decidedly cagey, so for now, all we've got is some renders to go on.

nothing phone 1 concept art
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Image Credit: Ben Geskin

Creator and concept designer Ben Geskin shared these images recently, showcasing what he though the Nothing Phone 1 would look like.

As you can see, we've got that transparent back we've all been assuming it will have, plus it shows the UI too, which does match up with what we've seen before.

How close this will look to the finished product is still anyone's guess, but rest assured, we're on high alert for any design leaks.

Nothing Phone 1 Price

The price is going to be a massive factor that could make this phone one of the best in its category, but what are we looking at?

Well, at the moment there's not announcent on how much this will set you back, but we can predict that if it is being positioned as an affordable alternative to the the likes of the iPhone of S22 Ultra, we could be looking at around $600 - $800.

Again, we're only speculating here, so take with a big pinch of salt, but we are hoping that this could take its place among the best mid-range phones of the year.

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