Meta Quest 3 release date - when does it come out?

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Meta Quest 3 - release date and everything we know
Credit: Meta

The Amazon listing for the Meta Quest 3 has revealed the headset’s release date.

While the exact release date hasn't been officially announced by Meta, keen-eyed individuals spotted tantalizing details on the headset's launch date as well as its weight on the Canadian Amazon website

In this guide, we will examine the leak, unravel the possible release date of the Meta Quest 3, also known as Oculus Quest 3, and present compelling evidence that supports our belief in its authenticity.

Meta Quest 3 release date speculation

The Meta Quest 3 is expected to be released on October 10, 2023, according to the information on Amazon's website.

Twitter user @IronbugVR found a listing for Meta Quest 3 on, which boldly displayed a potential release date of October 10. The listing also unveiled the weight of the headset, which is recorded as 453.59 grams.

What makes this interesting is that the page where the product was listed has been taken down following the leak of the release date. This makes it more likely that the release date could be real.

Furthermore, considering the Quest 2's release pattern, this lends more credibility to October 10 as the actual date.

The Meta Quest 2 followed the same pattern

The Quest 2, the previous iteration, was fully unveiled on September 16, 2020, and launched on October 13 of the same year. Pre-orders for the Quest 2 became available starting on September 16, 2020.

The full reveal of Meta Quest 3 is scheduled for the Meta Connect event on September 27, 2023. If Meta follows a similar pattern to the Quest 2 release, it's likely that Quest 3 will be released in October 2023.


Going by this pattern, we can expect Meta Quest 3 pre-orders to start on September 27, when it's fully revealed at Meta Connect. This event should also uncover specifics like resolution, battery life, and storage options.

With the potential release date of Quest 3 revealed, the waiting game begins.

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