Is A USB Fan Worth It? Here's What We Think

Is A USB Fan Worth It?

Is A USB Fan Worth It?

A desk fan is a portable and effective device for helping you stay cool at your desk or on your commute, but is a USB desk fan worth it?

If you are sceptical about whether these small fans are powerful enough to make a difference in your office environment, we are here to tell you if they are worth the investment.

Before you decide to invest in one of the best USB fans, let's take a look at their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision. Let's start!

Types Of USB Fans

Is A USB Fan Worth It?
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Before we start looking at if a USB fan is worth it, you should know that there are mainly two types of USB fans on the market. These include fans that come with a built-in battery and those that don't.

As you might have guessed, USB fans with batteries are rechargeable ones and can run on their own. Of course, they can run when plugged into the USB as well. On the other hand, USB fans without a battery run solely by drawing from the USB port.

USB fans that come with built-in batteries are more expensive than their non-battery counterparts and they may be a little bulky. These types of fans are perfect for travelling, camping and using as a bedside table fan.

Pros Of USB Fans

They are portable. Because they are small and light-weighted, you can fit them in your backpack or handbag and carry them wherever you go. Mini USB fans like the arctic breeze mobile USB fan are only 4 inches long so you can easily fit them into your pocket.

They are convenient and easy to use. These USB fans are plug-and-play devices. Simply connect them to your computer, power bank or smartphone and enjoy the cool breeze. Some models come with built-in batteries, which makes them self-sufficient. In other words, they don't need an external power source.

They are inexpensive. USB fans are extremely affordable. You can get your hands on one for around $8. In fact, even the top-end ones with 3 adjustable speeds and built-in batteries like this one from SmartDevil come at a price of less than $20.

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They are quieter. Unlike traditional fans, most USB fans are ultra-quiet. They generally work under 50dB and won't make any noise whatsoever. Some USB fans tend to make some noise at high speeds, but not significant.

Cons Of USB fans

Is A USB Fan Worth It?
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They are not durable. USB fans have a reputation for being flimsy and not lasting long. As they are designed to be light and portable, the material that they are made of is not very sturdy. That said, with proper handling and care a good quality USB fan will last for years.

They are less powerful. USB fans are less powerful than full-sized fans, but that’s to be expected given their size. Of course, they won't cool down an entire room, but they can definitely keep you comfortable and cool on a hot summer day.

Is A USB Fan Worth It?

In our opinion, the answer to the question of is a USB fan worth it is yes, USB fans are absolutely worth it. For a relatively inexpensive price, these fans are extremely useful. They can provide you with great cooling comfort and convenience. The smaller size and lighter weight make them ideal for travelling and camping. You will also appreciate the fact that these fans are easy to use and less noisy.

When it comes to buying USB fans, it is very important to consider which type of fan you want. While the ones with no battery are less expensive, USB fans with built-in batteries are more useful and practical. Consider your needs when choosing the type of fan.

We recommend the ones with batteries as they allow you to use the fans in situations where you would not be able to plug in a fan such as camping or travelling. There are USB fans with 2000mAh to 10,000mAh battery capacity. The higher the capacity, the higher the price and the heavier the fan.

COMLIFE's clip-on fan comes with three flexible tripod-like arms which can be wrapped around any thin surface like your desk, headboard, treadmill, or troller. The built-in replaceable and rechargeable 2600mAh battery can last for up to 2-8 hours if fully charged, depending on different speeds.

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