iPhone USB-C: Does iPhone 14 Have USB-C?

iPhone USB-C: Does iPhone 14 Have USB-C?
Credit: Apple

iPhone USB-C: Does iPhone 14 Have USB-C?
Credit: Apple

Apple announced the iPhone 14 series at its 'Far Out' event, but does the latest iPhone have USB-C charging port?

In recent years, iPhone has gone through quite a few updates but one thing that remained the same is the charging port. For some reason, the company has been reluctant to switch over from its proprietary Lightning connector.

As the EU now demands USB-C on all smartphones, it makes sense to wonder whether the recently launched iPhone is equipped with the new standard. So, let's find out if that's the case!

Does iPhone 14 Have USB-C?

No, Apple is still sticking with the Lightning connectors for the iPhone 14 lineup, which is a bit disappointing.

USB-C has become the industry standard connector for moving data and power to and from a wide variety of gadgets. Most modern mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, earbuds, digital cameras, and even Apple’s current-gen iPad Pros and Macbooks are all running on USB-C.

So, it is a bit surprising that iPhone hasn't made the switch yet. It would have been more convenient for iPhone 14 users if Apple had switched to USB-C as it saves them from having to carry around a bunch of chargers.

That said, the good news is that the iPhone 14 series will be the last in the line to feature Lightning ports. More on that in the next section.

Will iPhone 15 Have USB-C?

A new EU legislation mandates that all electronic devices sold in Europe feature USB-C ports. By autumn 2024, USB Type-C will become the common charging port for all mobile phones in the European Union.

This means that Apple will have to comply with the rule and ensure that all its devices released after mid-2024 come with USB-C in order to sell its products in the EU. Therefore, the iPhone 15 and all future iPhones will certainly feature USB-C ports.

Not only just iPhones but AirPods and iPads will also ditch the Lightning connectors as the new law demands all electronic devices to have a USB-C port.

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