iPhone 15 Pro action button - how to customise it

Credit: Apple

Credit: Apple

If you have purchased the latest iPhone Pro model, you might want to know how to customise the iPhone 15 Pro action button.

Although ray-tracing and USB-C are significant additions to the iPhone 15 Pro models, the action button appears to be the most useful feature. While Silent mode is the default, you can easily assign it to various functions.

In this guide, we will show you how to customise the iPhone 15 Pro action button, so you can use it to perform functions tailored to your preferences.

How to customise the iPhone 15 Pro action button

To customise the action button on your iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, head to Settings > Action button, and select the task you wish to assign.

Currently, you have a selection of 8 tasks at your disposal that can be assigned to the action button. Also, an exciting addition is on the horizon: a 9th task dedicated to translating languages, which will be introduced in a forthcoming update later this year.

To execute the specific task you've programmed for the action button, just press and hold the button. It's worth noting that when the camera app is open, the action button can also double as a convenient shutter button for capturing photos effortlessly.

Potential action button functionalities

Currently, the action button in iPhone 15 Pro models allows only one task assignment, which is executed by pressing and holding the button. However, it's entirely possible to further customise the action button to offer even more versatility.

For instance, programming it so that a single press performs one task, a double press triggers another, and a triple press initiates yet another action. This way, you can execute three distinct tasks, which can prove highly valuable to many users.

Apple has already shown a similar idea with the "Back Tap" feature. It lets us set up tasks for when we double or triple-tap the back of the phone. However, the back tap feature can lead to accidental taps and tasks being triggered, which the action button could help avoid.

And that covers everything on the action button on the iPhone 15 Pro models. In case you are not aware, AAA games such as Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Resident Evil 4 Remake and more are coming to your iPhone 15 Pro soon.

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