Infinity Cache explained: Is this AMD's secret weapon?

Every time there’s a new generation of devices or technologies on the horizon, companies have a temptation to use buzzwords that either alienate or bring about hype to what’s coming.

AMD have done the same here it seems, generating rumours about ‘Infinity Cache’. There was no mention of it at their event when they announced their Zen 3 CPU line in October, so many are suspecting that it will be detailed at their next event.

Scheduled for the 28th October, AMD are planning to announce their line of the 6000 Radeon GPU cards.

With that, let’s see what ‘Infinity Cache’ could mean, and if it will benefit someone who has both an AMD CPU and GPU in their PC.

Infinity Gems of Cache

Filed by AMD back in September and granted only the month after on the 2nd October, the trademark states that it applies to both GPU and CPU hardware, which raises suspicion that it could be a feature for those who have both varieties in their machine.

But what is ‘cache’ to start with you ask. Essentially it works as a way for data to be stored in chunks for other components and applications to use at certain points. It’s like a performer waiting in the wings; they’re ready to go but it’s all a matter of timing.

But it also falls into rumours that the AMD 6000 series will have a 256-bit memory bandwidth, whereas the GeForce 3090 and 3080 both have 384-bit bandwidth, already trouncing the competition.

This is where ‘Infinity Cache’ could come in. Theoretically, it’s rumoured that the CPU and GPU could work in tandem with the memory bus here, using both of the cache available in the two components instead of relying on the DDR memory installed.

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When will it Appear?

Of course, this could all be a marketing ploy, and ‘Infinity Cache’ could just be another term that means bigger memory cache for both components.

But AMD are already giving the impression to some fans out there that they are on the back foot on memory bus before the GPU line has even launched, which is why many are hoping that this is much more than just a marketing term.

As the Zen 3 processors aren’t released until November 5th, that makes them available after the event for the 6000 GPU line is officially announced, which makes one wonder if AMD do a ‘one more thing’ and unveil ‘Infinity Cache’ as something much more.

But until then, we can only speculate and wonder whether it could be a game-changer to the CPU & GPU arms race that AMD and Intel have been locked into for years.

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