How to fix the HP printer supply memory error

An image of a HP printer with the supply memory error

An image of a HP printer with the supply memory error

If you are encountering the supply memory error on your HP printer during printing, you would be glad to know that this issue can usually be resolved with some basic troubleshooting steps that you can perform yourself.

The supply memory error typically indicates a problem with the toner cartridge's data communication, occurring either due to an e-label error or a missing e-label on the cartridge. Additionally, this error can arise if the toner cartridge is not fully seated or making proper contact with the printer.

In this guide, we will walk you through a series of straightforward steps to diagnose and fix the common HP printer supply memory error. But before that, don't forget to clean your laser printer drum.

How to fix HP printer supply memory error

To fix the supply memory error on your HP printer, start by removing the toner cartridge and then carefully reinstalling it. Ensure that you press the cartridge firmly until it clicks, confirming it is properly seated and connected.

If the issue persists after reinstalling the toner cartridge, your next step is to reset the printer. This involves turning the printer on, disconnecting the power cord, waiting for a minute, and then reconnecting it to both the printer and the power source.

In case the troubleshooting steps fail to fix the issue, your cartridge may be damaged. Consider having it inspected at a professional service shop, and if it is indeed faulty, you may need to purchase a replacement cartridge.

Additionally, recent HP firmware updates may restrict the use of non-HP cartridges, resulting in the supply memory error. So to ensure compatibility and avoid issues, using genuine HP cartridges is highly recommended.

That covers everything about the HP printer supply memory error. While you are here, make sure you check out our other guides, including how to fix laser printer smudges and how to fix printer error 0x00000709.

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