How to screen record on Android

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Phone on table
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Wondering how to screen record on Android? This guide has all the answers. Earlier, you used to require a capture card or an app to screen record, but the new android updates have made screen capturing simpler than ever. Now, you can easily capture the screen on your current device thanks to a feature that Google brought in Android Lollipop. The quick settings section is where you'll find the screen record button.

Nevertheless, there is some instance where an app is still a better choice for recording the screen. We have listed down the best techniques and applications for how to screen record on Android in this article.

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How to screen record on Android

Below, we'll take you through all the best methods of screen recording on Android devices. From the built-in recorder to third-party apps that will help you out, read on to find out all the methods available.

Using the built-in Screen Recorder

The built-in screen recorder is the best and easiest way to screen record on Android. Earlier, all Android used to record their screen via third-party apps. However, when google rolled out Android 11 in September 2020, they introduced a solution. Users, after this update, could record their activity on their device using the built-in screen recorder function. Here is how to screen record on Android using the built-in screen recorder.

  • In most phones, the quick settings menu has the screen recorder function. Slide down from the top of your display to reveal this menu.
  • Select the screen recorder option. If you are not recording your screen, this will be in grey and blue when you start recording. (If you can't see the screen recorder option, you will need to enable it first)
  • If you use the built-in screen recorder for the first time, you must grant it permission to track your activities. Give all the required permission.
  • Press the start recording button, and the in-built app will record all your actions. When you are done, press stop. Save your recorded video and share it if required.
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The in-built app only offers a few features. Hence if you need more customization, you can always use 3rd party apps to record your screen. Read below to know more about the same.

A-Z Screen Recorder

Likely, most of you have already tried or heard about the A-Z screen recorder. It's one of the most popular screen recorder apps for Android. It offers many customization options to record your phone screen, such as the option to record internal and external audio, and you can also record your touches. The resolution options range from 240p to 1080, bitrates from 1 Mbps to 12Mbps, and frame speeds from 24FPS to about 60FPS.

If you are gamers who like to record and share gameplay, you will like AZ. It offers a separate AZ plugin that provides features such as video editing, compression, text overlays on movies, effects, audio substitution and much more. The basic app is free to use, but it also has a premium edition with more unique features.

Once you have downloaded the A-Z Screen Recorder, take the following steps to use it:

  • Launch the A-Z screen recorder app.
  • Now an overlay featuring four buttons will pop up on your screen. Tap the settings button to adjust the video recording parameters, such as the frame rate, bit rate and recording resolution. Press back to go back to the home screen when you are done.
  • Now launch the desires app or find the desired screen you wish to record.
  • On the A-Z overlay, press the record button to start recording your Android screen. The video will start to get captured.
  • Once you are done, go to the notification panel and click the stop button to finish the recording.

DU Screen Recorder

DU screen recorder is another top screen recorder with over ten million downloads that you can use to record your screen. It allows you to capture every screen activity on your Android devices. DU Screen recorder supports 20 languages without ads and has no time limit or root access, allowing you to customize the recorded video through an internal editor.

It even lets you record the screen along with your front-facing camera. Features such as GIF creators, shaking motions, etc., are all included in the edition. Here are the steps to learn to use the DU screen recorder.

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  • Once you have downloaded the DU screen recorder, launch the app
  • You will see a camera logo on the side of your screen
  • Open the desired app or location which you want to record
  • Press on the camera icon and select the record option to start recording
  • You can pause, resume and end the recording at any time by pressing on the camera logo
  • Once you have finished, you can also edit, play, distribute or delete the recorded video.
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Mobizen Screen Recorder

Last app on our list on Mobizen Screen recorder. Like other apps mentioned above, it's a 3rd party app with various options that you can use to record your screen on android devices.

Using Mobizen, you can record your screen in various resolutions from 240p to a maximum of 1080p, at bit rates ranging from 05. to 12Mbps, and frame rates ranging from 5FPS to 60FPS. It also has built-in features such as a video editor, face cam settings and more.

Mobizen Screen Recorder offers a clean recording mode that records your screen without any timer, watermark and other restrictions. However, there are a few days that you have to deal with. You will need to purchase its premium version to get rid of ads. Read the steps below to learn to use Mobizen:

  • Once you have downloaded it, launch the Mobizen recorder on your android device.
  • An air circle bubble will appear on your screen.
  • Go to the settings menu and adjust the options as you need
  • Press the screen recording button and the bubble to start recording your android screen.
  • When you are done, end the video, and you can now access the recorded video through Mobizen recordings. You can also use the in-built editor to modify your records.

Now you know how to screen record on Android and everything around it. While here, you can also check out our list of Best Hulu VPNs and Best small Wi-Fi router 2023.

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