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Usually, modern consoles can be placed in different positions, and today we will explain to you how to mount your PS5 on its side. Fortunately, the designers of this gaming device included such an option, and you don’t need to buy anything other than the console itself.

There is a special stand that will help you firmly place your console. However, it seems that numerous gamers are confused about this thing, and today we are going to tell you how it works.

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How to mount PS5 on its side

PS5 and controller
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In order to mount your PS5 on its side, you need to use the special stand that comes with this console. Most people usually place it in the vertical position. However, some gamers may find it inconvenient, in which case the same pedestal-like thing can be used to place the PS5 horizontally.

Of course, you can just lay the console on its side, but this method can hardly be called reliable. Here are a few simple steps that will help you to mount it horizontally:

  • Take the PS5 stand
  • Turn the inner section of the stand away from the part with two hooks. The position when it faces these hooks is for mounting the console vertically. So, make sure it is in the right position by turning the inner section to the side
  • Take your console and look closely at its hull. You need to find a short line of symbols carved on the console. These are the Cross, Square, Triangle, and Round
  • You will need to put the console on the stand and make sure all of these symbols are between the two hooks. It works as a perfect indicator that your console is mounted firmly
  • Place your console anywhere and try shaking it a bit to make sure everything is attached well

As you can see, mounting the PS5 on its side is not that difficult, and we will be happy if this guide helps you. And if you want to read more guides, please check out our article on how to connect Apple AirPods headphones to PS4.

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