How to measure tv size explained

TV on the small table.

TV on the small table.

In this guide, you will learn how to measure TV size correctly. One of the most important characteristics of any TV is its size. It is the price-estimating parameter and one of the main things while choosing the perfect TV for your house or any other place.

While most TVs already have calculated size, sometimes you might need to measure the TV size yourself. We covered everything you should know about and tried to tell you the best TV size in 2023.

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How to correctly measure TV size

Even though measuring TV sounds challenging, in reality nothing is complex about this. There are three ways you can measure the size of the TV described below.

TV on the small table.
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Measure TV screen size

The TV size is always calculated in inches. Even countries besides the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom use inches to describe the size of the TV.

So, the correct way to measure a TV’s size is diagonally between the corners of the visible screen. The only rule here is to not take into account the frame. Only the display should be measured to get the exact TV size.

Still, some manufacturers ignore the rule with frames. Carefully read the description while buying a TV.

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Measure TV Width

While measuring Screen Size in inches is a world-common way to measure a TV size, sometimes you need to know the exact numbers. In this case, one of the best ways to resolve the problem is to measure the width of the TV, including the edges of the screen.

Take into account where there are wire connections in your TV. You will always need to have some extra space for the connections area.

Measure TV Height

In some extra rare cases, you might need to measure the height of the TV. To do this, put your measurer to the top of the TV and then measure it right to the edge of the bottom frame.

Consider that the actual height is always bigger because you must use a stand. So, visit the manufacturer’s website and find information on the stand’s height.

And if you want to avoid measuring the actual height and width, there is a good solution. You can visit the manufacturer’s website or use websites that calculate these parameters by knowing only the TV screen size.

What’s the best size for a TV?

There are many subjective aspects when choosing the best size for a TV. Everything significantly depends on your purposes and budget. Large TVs over 50 inches are extremely expensive, while TVs under 40 inches are not so good to enjoy modern films and games. The rule of thumb is that a big TV is always better. Still, it might cost you an arm and a leg.

That’s it with measuring TV size. As you can see, three main parameters measure the actual TV size. An if you are looking for more content like this, feel free to read our guide on how to clean TV screen without streaks.

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