How to have multiple lock screens on iPhone explained

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how to have multiple lock screens on iPhone A promotional image of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus
Credit: Apple Inc.

With your iPhone, you should know that you can personalize your mobile experience in several ways. The device is highly customizable and you can add things that will help in showing your personality, managing your schedule, and a lot more. But, did you know that you can customize your device with widgets, wallpapers, app icons, and even with the control center? The possibilities are endless with Apple's high-level customization to make your iPhone truly your own. We'll be teaching you how to have multiple lock screens on your iPhone so that you can switch between your custom lock screens seamlessly.

iOS 16 and its custom lock screens have been making waves across iPhone users since the OS was released. The update allows you to set up customized lock screens with custom widgets, clock styles, wallpapers, and more. Additionally, you get to set up multiple lock screens like for the Apple Watch. The process to have multiple lock screens is pretty easy, just make sure you know what you want in terms of customization so that you'll decide better what type of custom lock screens you'll make.

With that, let's get right to this guide on how to set up multiple lock screens for your iPhone.

How to have multiple lock screens on iPhone

To set up multiple lock screens, you must first make sure that your device is updated to iOS 16. Follow these next steps once your iPhone is updated to iOS 16:

  • Unlock your device, then tap and hold anywhere on the lock screen to enter the editing mode. You'll then be able to swipe right through all the custom lock screens that are currently set up on your device.
A screenshot of the iPhone lockscreen.
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  • Next, tap the + icon to create a new lock screen. Another way to create a new lock screen is to swipe to the far right at the last dummy locks screen and also click a + icon there.
A screenshot of the iPhone lockscreen in editing mode.
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  • You can then choose a new lock screen based on your preferences.
A screenshot of the iPhone lockscreen in editing mode showing its options for customization.
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Here's a list of the lock screens built-in with your device:

  • Featured lock screens - These are a curated selection of free wallpapers from Apple.
  • Weather and astronomy lock screens - As the name suggests, these lock screens are weather and astronomy-focused. They also use widgets to display weather data.
  • Emoji lock screens - Pre-made, you'll channel your favorite moods and reactions with these lock screens as they come with different clock, widget, and background combinations.
  • Collections lock screens - Similar to featured lock screens, the collections set offers a unique wallpaper collection that is specifically curated to match Apple's branding.
  • Color lock screens - Emphasizing simplicity, the color lock screens are simple color-based lock screens with gradients and matching clocks to complement their aesthetic.
  • Custom lock screens - This is where you can make your lock screens from scratch.

Once you choose the custom lock screen option, you can then start making your lock screen. Here are some features of the custom lock screen feature.

A screenshot of the iPhone lockscreen in editing mode for widgets.
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  • People - This allows you to easily access the People category in the Photos app and choose a background.
  • Photos - For Photos, you'll be able to access all your photos and choose a background too.
  • Photo shuffle - With the Photo shuffle, you'll be given the ability to shuffle between your set of photos from the Photos app.
  • Emoji - As its namesake, you can create a custom emoji background and dictate its background pattern.
  • Weather - While for the Weather, you can choose an animated weather sequence that will reflect the current weather conditions of your city.
  • Astronomy - With Astronomy, you can choose astronomical background wallpapers that you can set.
  • Colors - Finally for Colors, you can create custom-colored backgrounds and even apply your chosen gradient for it.

Afterwards, you'll be given the option to add any widgets or extra features to your lock screen. These include widgets such as the battery, calendar, stocks, news, reminders, and more. Once you're happy with the widgets, you can click the "Add" button.

A screenshot of the iPhone lockscreen in editing mode, showing the "Add" button.
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Then, you can tap "Done" if you're satisfied with your lock screen decision.

A screenshot of the iPhone lockscreen with a new custom lock screen made.
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Repeat this process to create multiple lock screens. You can pretty much set up a particular lock screen for work, home, and even your workout.

That's pretty much it on creating multiple lock screens for the iPhone. We'll then teach you how to switch between your multiple lock screens manually.

How to switch between multiple lock screens?

Switching between your custom-made lock screens is simple to do. You can follow the steps below to change your lock screens.

First, unlock your device. Then tap and hold anywhere on the lock screen. This will take you to your lock screen's editing mode.

A screenshot of the iPhone lockscreen in editing mode.
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You can then swipe left or right to view all your custom lock screens. Find the one you want to use next.

A screenshot of the iPhone lock screen chosen to switch to.
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Once you've found the custom lock screen you'd like to set, tap on it to set it as your current lock screen.

A screenshot of the iPhone lock screen that's been newly changed.
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You've now manually set your multiple lock screens. But what if you want to have automatic multiple lock screens depending on your time and place? Perhaps when you get to the office, you want your lock screen to be your work-custom one. Here's how you can set multiple lock screens automatically.

How to switch between multiple lock screens automatically based on time and place

You can set up multiple lock screens on your iPhone automatically through Focus mode. Just check out these steps below to know how:


Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

A screenshot of the iPhone Settings app.
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Go to Focus and tap on it.

A screenshot of Focus on the iPhone.
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You'll then be able to pick the focus in which you want to link multiple lock screen wallpapers. This will allow you also to create custom focus screens to properly align with your personal, work, and workout lock screens.

A screenshot of the lock screens to be chosen for Focus.
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Tap on the "Choose" button to link the lock screen you wish to apply.

A screenshot of the chosen lock screen.
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After tapping "Done," your selected Focus mode and its linked custom lock screen will now be automatically saved each time you're in a selected location and time.

A screenshot of the linked lock screen with Focus mode.
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That's pretty much all the information you need to know on how to have multiple lock screens on your iPhone. While you're still here, feel free to check out our other how-to guides such as how to shut down an iPad when the screen is frozen and how to connect your PS4 controller to a Chromebook.

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