Netflix Black Screen On Samsung TV: How To Fix Netflix Not Working On A Samsung TV

Netflix black screen on Samsung TV
Credit: Netflix

If you're experiencing the Netflix black screen on a Samsung TV, then you may be at a loss about how to fix it. After all, if you can't see the menu buttons, you will struggle to navigate your way around. It's like being blindfolded in a labyrinth. At night.

We're here to shed some light on the situation. With our help, the Netflix black screen will soon be a thing of the past. And you can get back to watching Stranger Things.

How To Fix Netflix Not Working On A Samsung TV

The potential solutions will depend a little on where you are when you start seeing the black screen. We'll cover the different permutations, so you can work your way through the possible remedies until you (hopefully) find the one which works for you.

When Launching The Netflix App

If you see the black screen when you first launch the app, then the steps to take are as follows:

  • Go back to the previous menu, and try opening the Netflix app once again.
  • Turn off your television, and unplug it from the power supply. While unplugged, press the power button on your TV once. Leave it for a minute or two. If your TV doesn't have a power button, leave it unplugged for three minutes. After the time has elapsed, plug your device back in, switch it on, and try launching Netflix again.
  • Your next option is to reinstall the Netflix app. To do this:
    • Press the Smart Hub button on your remote.
    • Highlight the Netflix app.
    • Press the Tools button on your remote. If you do not have a Tools button, skip this step.
    • Select Reinstall.
    • Try Netflix again.
    • If you are still getting a black screen, wait 20 minutes before trying Netflix again. It can take a while for the app to complete setup.
  • If none of the above works, contact Samsung support for additional help and advice. It may be that your television is experiencing a hardware or software issue that is unrelated to the Netflix app itself.

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When Trying To Watch Something

Samsung Neo QLED TV - Netflix black screen on Samsung TV
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Credit: Samsung

If you've managed to open the app without issue, but the black screen appears when you try to actually watch something, here's what you need to try:

  • As above, try going back to the previous menu, before trying your movie or TV show again.
  • Turn off your television and unplug it from the power supply. Press the power button once and leave it for a minute. Then plug it back in and turn it on. Try launching the Netflix app again.
  • Sign out of Netflix. Sign back in and try again.

If none of these options work, try the following:

  • Restart your home network.
  • If you've changed your connection settings, try returning these to their default.
  • If you are using WiFi, try to improve the signal to your smart TV. Move your router closer to the television. Try to remove any barriers, or other wireless appliances. Try to place your router in an open position, ideally elevated.
  • Finally, if none of these fixes the problem, contact your ISP for further assistance. They will be able to confirm whether there are any issues with your router.

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Any Other Time

If you are getting the Netflix black screen on your Samsung TV at any other time than the two we've focussed on above, then at the moment, there is no specific solution available.

Your best option is to contact Netflix Customer Service for further assistance. While it may be scant consolation, Netflix has acknowledged that this is an issue, and they are currently investigating.

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