How Often Should You Clean Your PC?

How Often Should You Clean Your PC?

How Often Should You Clean Your PC?

If you are someone who cares about their computer, you might want to know how often you should clean your computer. Read on!

Your computer’s RAM stick, PC fan, graphics card, monitor screen, motherboard and virtually all peripherals are exposed to dust, dirt, and other debris. Over time, this unnecessary junk can accumulate in these components, and as a result, slow down your computer, making it much less responsive.

Therefore, it's important that you clean your PC periodically. But what is the right frequency for cleaning your PC? That's the question we will try to answer today. Let's dive in!

How Frequent Should You Clean Your PC?

There’s no doubt that cleaning out your PC regularly will help you keep your computer running smoothly and extend your computer’s lifespan, which can save time and money. But how frequently should you perform a cleanup?

A general consensus is that you should clean your PC every 6 months. By cleaning your PC on said schedule, you can keep it in tip-top shape and prevent any potential problems from cropping up.

But, there are exceptions to this rule. If you have pets in your house or live in an especially dusty environment, it may be a good idea to clean your PC more often than recommended. Because pet dander and hair can accumulate on internal components quickly and cause permanent damage or overheating.

In contrast, if your PC has a dust filter(s), you may not need to clean it as often as recommended. Dust filters work by capturing dust particles before they can accumulate on your computer’s components.

It's wise to equip your PC case with a dust filter(s) as they will keep the inside of your PC cleaner for longer. Check out these easy-to-install dust filters on Amazon.

Best Tools For Cleaning Your PC

Now that you know how often you should clean your PC, it's time to talk about the best tools you can use to clean it. Having the right tools can make cleaning your PC easier and more effective. Here are some of the best tools for cleaning your PC:

Compressed air

A can of compressed air is a must-have tool for cleaning your PC. Compressed air is great for blowing dust loose off of computer components and getting rid of any debris that may be stuck in crevices. You can check out our list of best compressed air for PC cleaning, or get a can of compressed air for under $10 on Amazon.

Microfiber cloths

A microfiber cloth is a great tool for cleaning virtually all types of electronic devices. Microfiber cloths are made from a special material that is soft enough to clean delicate computer parts without scratching them. You can buy a pack of 6 microfiber clothes for under $9 on Amazon.

Isopropyl alcohol solution

Isopropyl alcohol is a powerful cleaner that can be used to remove stubborn dust and stains from your computer. It's completely safe to use the solution on any parts or components of your computer as they are harmless.

However, keep in mind not to apply them directly; dampen a microfiber cloth with the solution and wipe down your PC. You can get a bottle of isopropyl alcohol solution for under $8 on Amazon.

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