Loot Box Games Affect GamStop Players

how loot box games affect gamstop players

how loot box games affect gamstop players

If you are reading this article, then you are well aware of loot boxes in video games. However, even if you are a seasoned player, you can still find useful information in this article that can give you a better understanding of these in-game rewards. Also, if you are a Gamstop player, you should know the possible negative effects of loot boxes that are described in this article.

What are Loot Boxes?

how loot box games affect gamstop players
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The concept of loot boxes is widely used in modern video games of various genres. In fact, these are virtual items you can access by getting certain achievements in a particular game or simply buying them using in-game currencies. Along with that, a lot of games allow you to buy loot boxes using real-world money.

One of the main features of loot boxes is random rewards. It means none knows what he will get after opening the loot box. This feeling of suspense and excitement attracts many fans of computer games and can significantly diversify the gameplay. Often, loot boxes may contain different additional characters to weapons, new armour, skins to change the game's appearance, and more.

How Loot Boxes Are Changing the Gaming Industry

Originally, this concept existed in the form of additional rewards that players could receive in most massively multiplayer online role-playing games. It is difficult to give a specific date for the first launch of loot boxes, but it is believed that this is the period from 2004 to 2007.

Subsequently, the popularity of loot boxes increased so much that it became an effective monetization strategy and a source of additional income for video game operators. In addition, loot boxes relieve game publishers of all the disadvantages of paid downloadable content or game subscriptions and also keep players constantly engaged.

The Impact of Loot Boxes on GamStop Players

how loot box games affect gamstop players
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GamStop players have two choices of gaming when self-exclusion is still on GamStop-free casinos and video games. While online games for Gamstop users offer self-exclusion tools to their players, video games do not have this option. In video games, self-excluded punters can come across loot boxes, which can have a negative impact on self-excluded players.

Despite all the benefits of loot boxes for players and video game operators, they can also carry some risks for vulnerable players. This is because they carry an element of gambling to GamStop-blocked players: you do not know what is inside the box and are always striving to get new items or improve the existing ones. This will allow you to differ from other players or gain a particular advantage.

Below, you can learn more about the potential dangers of loot boxes in terms of gambling addiction.

The Possible Loss of Money

Loot boxes are often used as an effective marketing tool that allows game operators to attract new players and anchor existing ones. If among those there are people who suffer from gambling addiction, this seemingly harmless tool can lead to a whole cycle of compulsive spending. As a result, a person can become addicted to constantly looking for money that he could use to get more and more items from the loot boxes.

This kind of behaviour is harmful not only in terms of finance. As in the case of casino games, such addiction can lead to the disruption of social relationships, negative effects on family relationships, problems at work, and so on. These issues can start a chain reaction of negative effects that, as a result, will be difficult to resolve without qualified outside help.

Getting Around GamStop to Play Casino Games

Another danger that is related to loot boxes is the problem with their regulation. This leads to the fact that it can be a working alternative to casino games for vulnerable players. Even if you have joined the self-exclusion program, you can still buy loot boxes without any restrictions.

All programs, including highly authoritative ones like GamStop, are subject to this. This question has been repeatedly raised at various levels to classify loot boxes as mechanisms that can cause addiction. In particular, this problem is being actively discussed in the UK, where experts plan to amend the Gambling Act 2005.


Loot boxes are a perfect solution for video game operators because of multiple reasons. For example, they can make the particular game product more competitive, attract new clients, and keep regular players engaged. As for players, it is one of the most effective tools to diversify the gaming experience and make it more exciting.

On the other hand, loot boxes can cause much harm to vulnerable players. Those people who suffer from gaming addiction can start buying loot boxes and quickly initiate the cycle of uncontrolled spending. This, in turn, may impact their social life (relationships with close ones, problems at work, and more) and budget. Given that loot boxes are not actually part of the gambling activity, they are not controlled by various regulators, including GamStop.

Thus, even if you are on the self-exclusion program, you can easily play games that support loot boxes and continue to implement negative behaviour patterns. This leads to the deterioration or development of gambling addiction, which sometimes only specially qualified specialists can cope with.

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