How Do Grow Lights Work?

Grow lights have probably caught your attention, and you may have wondered, “How do they work?” Well, you are about to learn.

You’ve probably seen that people are spending more money on grow lights to grow plants indoors. Perhaps you want to grow plants indoors, but have no idea how to go about it.

Perhaps you’ve seen people talking about how great grow lights are, and you’re curious. Whatever the reason you are here, you are about to learn about how do grow lights work.

How Do Grow Lights Work?

The sun is the main source of light for everything on Earth. However, sometimes you don’t have enough sunlight to grow the plants you want to grow. So you need to supplement your plants with artificial light. And that is exactly what grow lights do. Basically, grow lights act as a substitute for sunlight.

For photosynthesis and general growth, plants require light in the PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) region of wavelengths (400nm-700nm) measured in nanometers (nm). For example, 440-500 nm blue light plays a major role in plant quality, whereas 510-610 nm green light helps with photosynthesis. Therefore, a “full-spectrum” light that includes all different wavelengths of light within the PAR region is necessary for perfect plant growth.

Full-spectrum LED grow lights closely mimics sunlight by providing plants with the light of all the wavelengths they need to grow. The full-spectrum light emitted by a grow light helps plants to grow faster, stronger, and healthier.

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Can any LED Light be Used as a Grow Light?

Although regular LED lights emit some of the wavelengths necessary for plants, it is not ideal to use them as grow lights. As mentioned above, plants require light in the PAR region of wavelengths to reach their full potential. Regular LEDs emit a small amount of this, but it is not enough to grow healthy plants.

Grow lights are carefully designed and engineered to emit the right in all the wavelengths needed for the plants. They are efficient, have low power consumption and generate little or no heat.

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