GoPro Wrist Strap - is it worth it?

GoPro wrist strap a wrist strap with the camera

GoPro wrist strap a wrist strap with the camera

Nothing better than being able to take your GoPro wherever you want. Capturing some incredible footage underwater or while doing some sick doughnuts on your skateboard. But if you want to take some even better actions, you might think about investing in a GoPro wrist strap. But is it worth it?

Clearly the first thing we want when taking out our GoPro is that they are placed in the right spot. Be that on our bike’s helmet or on the dash of a car, they have to be in teh right spot. Otherwise, we are just not capturing anything worthwhile.

So, let’s find out if it’s worth investing some extra bucks in that GoPro wrist strap or you better save your money.

What is a GoPro wrist strap for?

You use a wrist strap so that you can be able to use your GoPro while keeping your hands free. Apart from extreme situations, it might also be good for filming your children's birthday party, for example, or just keeping a close eye on what the camera is looking at.

Of course, it is also important to adjust the camera’ settings to match your shooting style, the environment, and the situation. Also, with many different kinds of GoPro wrist straps that you might want to invest money in, the situation might be a bit complicated.

So, which ones are worth investing in?

Is it worth it to get a GoPro wrist strap?

Overall, we would answer positively. Yes, but the important thing to remember is that you want to stay clear of cheap wrist straps, and get one that is actually made of solid material and won’t give up when under pressure.

While you might be tempted to get a cheap 20$ wrist strap, we do recommend that you invest a little more and get something that will not only last but won’t drop your precious camera. There are many horror stories around the net of cheap wrist straps that gave up at the worst moment possible. Like while exploring the ocean, for example.

One of the best straps is called The Strap, priced at around fifty dollars. The interesting thing is that it can also be mounted on other parts of your body, such as the knee. Another good one is also similarly priced at 50 dollars and just can work for all GoPro models.

That’s all you need to know about the GoPro wrist strap. But if you are just starting out in the action camera business, you might want to take a look at the best camera backpacks and how to use an action camera.

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