How to fix Google Chrome error code "Out of Memory"

Google Chrome error code "Out of Memory" - An image of a person using Chrome on laptop

Google Chrome often runs into various glitches, such as error code 5 and other similar issues. But the specific problem we are tackling today is the Google Chrome error code "Out of Memory".

This common issue arises due to various factors such as excessive browser tab usage, memory-intensive extensions, and inadequate system memory, particularly in devices with limited hardware resources.

This guide is tailored to help you understand the root causes of the "Out of Memory" error and provide clear, step-by-step solutions to resolve it.

How to fix the Google Chrome error code "Out of Memory"

Google Chrome error code "Out of Memory" typically occurs when the browser runs out of memory resources to continue functioning properly. The error is more frequently encountered in devices with limited hardware resources, such as Chromebooks.

To fix the Google Chrome error code "Out of Memory", here are some effective steps you can take:

  • Close unnecessary tabs and windows: Chrome allocates memory for each tab and window. Closing tabs/windows that are not in use will free up memory.
  • Use Chrome’s task manager: Chrome has its own task manager which can help you identify and close resource-heavy processes.
  • Update Google Chrome: Make sure your Chrome browser is fully updated. Updates often include performance improvements and memory management fixes.
  • Disable or remove extensions: Extensions can consume a lot of memory. Disable or remove extensions that are not essential to your browsing needs.
  • Increase virtual memory/page file size: On Windows, increasing the size of the virtual memory (page file) can provide more memory resources to Chrome.
  • Turn off hardware acceleration: Hardware acceleration can often lead to memory issues. Try disabling it in Chrome’s settings under the "System" section.
  • Restart Chrome and/or your computer: Sometimes, simply restarting Chrome or your computer can resolve temporary memory glitches.

Remember, these steps might not all be necessary for your situation. Start with the simpler solutions like closing tabs or updating Chrome and only proceed to the more advanced steps if the problem persists.

That covers everything you need to know about the Google Chrome error code "Out of Memory." Before you head off, check how to change Google background.

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