Disney Plus login error PS4 and PS5 - how to fix login error on PlayStation

Disney Plus PS5 login error: How to fix Disney Plus login error on PS5

Disney Plus PS5 login error: How to fix Disney Plus login error on PS5

The Disney Plus login error on PS5 and PS4 is causing headaches for PlayStation owners.

Recently, Disney Plus launched a native PS5 app and it’s pretty bugged. While a lot of users are having trouble logging in to the service, the Disney Plus app is not working at all for many people. Moreover, some users have reported that the Disney Plus app is crashing on their consoles.

If you are one of the unlucky users who are hit by the Disney Plus PS5 login error, you would be delighted to know that (luckily) there’s a way around this, and it’s not too difficult. Let's get into it!

How to fix the Disney Plus login error on PS5 and PS4

Everything is set for the movie night, but when you try to sign in to Disney Plus app on your PS5, you are hit by a login error. Ahhh, which means no movie night? No way! The show must go on and we are here to help you keep the ball rolling.

Try the following fixes and you will be able to fix the Disney Plus login error on PS5 and PS4, and log into your account to watch your favourite Disney shows.

  • It may seem obvious but make sure your internet is working. if your PS5 is not connecting to the Internet, Disney Plus definitely won't work.
  • Go over here and see if the Disney servers are down. If they are down, you may need to wait until they become up and running.
  • Resolve any account issues such as billing and subscription.
  • Restart your PS5 as it will close down all your apps, and this can rid them of any problems causing the issue.
  • Finally, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the app. It will remove any corrupted files from your console as well as ensure that you are running the most up-to-date version of the app.

If you have exhausted all of your troubleshooting options and are still having issues with the Disney Plus app, your only option is to contact the support team at Disney Plus. Sometimes, they may need to whitelist your IP for you to log into their service.

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Why can't I log into my Disney Plus account on PS5 and PS4?

It's difficult to say for sure why you are unable to log into your Disney Plus account on PS5. Internet connectivity problems, server issues, software glitches and blocked IP are some of the possible causes.

Even though it is tough to pinpoint the exact cause of a problem at first glance, you may be able to figure it out based on which troubleshooting tip worked for you. For example, if whitelisting your IP solved the issue for you, then your IP being blocked by the service provider was the root cause.

We hope one of our suggestions helps you fix the Disney Plus login error on PS5 and PS4. If you encounter the Disney Plus error code 42 or error code 1028 in the future, come back here as we've compiled a list of solutions that may help you fix the issue.

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