Save $100 on this Diablo IV Xbox Series X Bundle this holiday season

A black Xbox Series X next to the Diablo IV game case and a Diablo-branding Xbox Series X box.
Credit: Walmart

If you're struggling to find that perfect gift for a beloved gamer in your life this year, perhaps this Diablo IV Xbox Series X Bundle is your answer seeing as it's on sale right now.

That's right, you can save over $100 on this bundle by heading over the Walmart and purchasing. What you'll get in return is the Xbox Series X console along with a copy of Diablo IV, making it a great gift idea for any Diablo fan yet to purchase the latest game.

A dark grey box with green trim featuring the Diablo IV cover art in red next to an image of a Xbox Series X.
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Credit: Walmart

To break it down even further, the bundle includes a 1 TB Xbox Series X that has more than enough power under the hood to have you slaying demons with ease in your fight for the fate of Sanctuary. The Xbox also offers 12 teraflops of raw graphic processing power, meaning Diablo will probably never look so good if you're pairing it with one of the best gaming monitors or gaming TVs around to showcase the action in 4K.

And then there's the copy of Diablo IV. It's only the standard edition, but you're essentially getting it for free considering the Xbox Series X usually costs $499 from Walmart anyway. The only caveat to this is you can buy both separately, with Diablo IV and the Xbox Series X both available. However, why buy separately when you can bundle together and save some cash?

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