ChatGPT vs Stockfish – what are the differences?

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ChatGPT vs Stockfish

Stockfish is arguably the best chess engine that can be used to calculate various moves and it has beaten most of its opponents. However, OpenAI developed their chatbot and it is able to play chess too. So, in this guide, we will tell you the differences between ChatGPT and Stockfish.

Both of these programs seem to be quite interesting but they have a significant difference. Let’s explore what the differences between ChatGPT and Stockfish are.


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What are the differences between ChatGPT and Stockfish?

Digital chess.

Many internet users try experimenting and pit ChatGPT and Stockfish against each other. However, most of them come to the same result. Stockfish is a chess engine and it is really reliable. ChatGPT is a chatbot designed for communication and it is unable to play chess properly.


Basically, in most of these experimental matches, ChatGPT made lots of illegal moves and mistakes. It may create a new pawn right out of nowhere or try to move a figure to the square it’s already on. Though, the bot is able to learn how to play this game and eventually it will become better if OpenAI will update this product and make it trainable.

At the time of this writing, ChatGPT is bad at playing chess and it is almost impossible to play against it in a proper way. However, it does have the potential to become a good option for those who want to practice chess against an AI opponent.

On the other hand, Stockfish is an old and reliable option, which has been developed and updated since 2008. So, if you want to practice with a bot then we highly recommend this chess engine. It works great and is able to perform various strategies and calculate the best possible moves.

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