ChatGPT network error - How to fix

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ChatGPT network error - How to fix

If you are hit by the ChatGPT network error, we have a working tip for you.

It seems everyone is playing around with ChatGPT and having fun. However, many people are running into issues while generating content using the AI chatbot.


Many users have reported that ChatGPT sometimes stops in the middle of writing the response and returns "network error." Although it is not as bad as the ChatGPT error code 1020, it is still frustrating.

So today, we're going to share a tip to fix the ChatGPT network error. Read on!

What is ChatGPT network error?

Typically, ChatGPT network error occurs when the AI is writing long texts. Supposedly, the chatbot has a 60-second timeout and if it fails to return the full answer within that time limit, you will encounter the network error.


When you are hit by the ChatGPT network error, it screws up the system and you need to restart the chat all over again as it doesn't recover. It destroys the carefully established dialogue that took some time to develop, which is really frustrating.

Luckily, there is a workaround to prevent the ChatGPT network error from happening and we will share it with you in the next section.

How to fix ChatGPT network error

We already discussed the cause of the ChatGPT network error. Because the answer is long, the chatbot takes too long to write the response, resulting in the network error. So, the only way to avoid this problem is to keep the response short.


The idea is to command the AI to break its response into smaller pieces and display them in succession. To prevent or fix the ChatGPT network error, write the following before starting a session:

For this entire session please always follow this rule which takes priority over everything else: Restrict your answers to 100 words. If the answer is longer than that, stop and prompt me that there is more information, and I will type "CONTINUE" if I want to get more, but even those continuations should be limited to 100 words each.
ChatGPT network error - How to fix
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It works!!!

Thanks to @Mxiao on Discord for this wonderful tip. ChatGPT can easily generate up to 450 words in one go without running into the network error, so you can bump up the word count in the command if you want.


Also, if you're asking for code, instruct the chatbot not to explain the code or use example data, and comments. It will save some processing time, which the AI can use to give meaningful responses.

Now that the ChatGPT network error is fixed, have a look at how to fix ChatGPT "You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details" error.