Character AI Plus - features, price, and more

Character AI plus price features character ai plus ad

Character AI plus price features character ai plus ad

With premium services becoming a thing, like ChatGPT Plus, users are left wondering if they are worth their money. Clearly, it depends on how much you use, on average, the AI chatbots. Let's take a look at Character AI Plus, its features, price and everything you need to know to make a decision.

Character AI is a bit different from other AI chatbots, as it allows the users to both create and interact with characters from pop culture, comics and movies so as to have conversations.

But that service is still available for free, at the moment, so why should you pay to use Character AI Plus? Let's see what features await us in the subscription service.

Character AI Plus - features and price

Also known as, Character AI Plus is a paid subscription service launched in May of 2023.

The developers confirmed that the service will cost 9,99$ per month, which comes to a total of 120$ for a yearly subscription.

But what are its features? Let's look at them in detail.

Eliminate wait times

By using a Character AI Plus subscription, users gain priority access to the service's servers, resulting in faster load times. This means you will no longer be subjected to waiting in queues, even during peak periods.

Say goodbye to delays and the notorious rate exceeded error, and experience seamless utilization of Character AI.

Faster response times

Character AI Plus boasts enhanced response times, which will reduce those boring waiting times. Subscribers will enjoy quicker access to their characters compared to non-subscribers.

We can see this feature beneficial for users who, for example, engage in creative writing or time-sensitive tasks requiring Character AI assistance.

Exclusive preview of new features

Character AI Plus members enjoy exclusive access to upcoming features ahead of the general public. This privilege allows you to be at the forefront of testing, thus experiencing new features before the wider audience.

Access to the Plus Member Community

In addition, Character AI Plus members enjoy entry to the Plus member community and also have a badge that confirms their status. This private forum serves as a dedicated space for members to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas.

Engage with fellow users, seek assistance from Character AI experts, and leverage the collective knowledge to maximize your experience with Character AI.

Is Character AI Plus worth it?

Clearly, these features are quite a welcome addition to anyone's daily use of the service, they might not really be essential. It is also worth noting that the subscription to Character AI Plus will not solve technical problems that you might have been experiencing, such as internal server error.

Overall, it does not seem that this paid subscription service solves some of the problems that the community has been struggling with, such as the notorious NSFW filter. While it makes sense for a service such as that of Character AI to demand a subscription, many - on Reddit especially - have been feeling that its premium features are a bit lacking in substance.

For the moment, we would definitely recommend the service to those that make daily use of Character AI or use it for their work. We will update the guide as the subscription will evolve over time.

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