Can you jailbreak a Fire TV?

Jailbreak a fire TV stick remote for firestick

Jailbreak a fire TV stick remote for firestick

There is nothing better than being able to bring a tiny stick with you and stream everywhere you want. Perhaps in hotel rooms or a friend's house. Convert any regular old TV with HDMI compatibility into a smart TV, but what if you want more out of it? Let's find out if you can jailbreak a Fire TV and use other apps.

The Amazon Fire Stick allows any TV to stream content from online services such as Amazon Prime Video (obviously), Netflix, Hulu and allows you to play YouTube on the TV as well.

But if you can find some workarounds, you can actually access some services free and also install other things. Let's find out, then, how to jailbreak a Fire TV and how to use it.

Can you jailbreak a Fire TV stick?

Indeed, it is possible to jailbreak a Fire TV stick. But remember that it is not legal to use it to stream copyrighted content from the Internet.

It is all about a quite simple process. Just unlock your device by installing a simple file and you get access to a lot of new content available on the internet. Basically, you are just removing the restrictions originally placed by Amazon when creating the Fire TV stick.

You are not even voiding your warranty because, again, you are not doing anything Amazon is not allowing you to do. The company allowed other apps to be installed on the Fire TV stick so, no worries on that front. Your device is still under the warranty period.

Is it safe to jailbreak a TV stick?

Overall, we would say yes. You are not opening the device nor modifying any root system files, just installing an APK file on it. APK files are basically Android applications, much like executable files for Windows.

As far as damaging the device, you are definitely 100% safe. Clearly, you do want to be careful what you install on your device after you have allowed it to access the internet without restrictions and to install whatever you want on it.

But again, be careful if you're planning to stream copyrighted content. That is illegal and might get you in trouble, especially depending on when you are in the world.

For more information about your Fire TV stick, check out our guide on mirror iPhone to Fire TV and how to fix common issues.

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