Best VTuber software - top free and paid VTubing software

Best VTuber software - Top free and paid VTubing software
Credit: Pokimane

Best VTuber software - Top free and paid VTubing software
Credit: Pokimane

If you are thinking about getting started with VTubing, you need to know the best VTuber software.

With so much competition, you may find it hard to get traction with a traditional YouTube channel in 2022. However, if you're a content creator in the form of a VTuber, your chances of succeeding are high. The signs are encouraging, but how to get started, you may ask?

Well, alongside a powerful PC and a motion-tracking webcam, you will need VTubing software to kickstart your journey as a VTuber. So, let us introduce you to the best VTuber software that can help you create a virtual avatar of yourself.

Best VTuber software

Virtual YouTubing or VTubing is an emerging trend with lots of potentials. In other words, it's a good time to be a VTuber. If you start early, once the trend catches on, you will be reaping the benefits of being one of the first in the game.

But to make that dream possible, first, you need to have a virtual avatar. And to create an avatar, you can commission an artist to make you one or make your own 2D or 3D model in an online studio, or purchase a premade avatar from a website like Booth or Nizima.

We strongly recommend new content creators who are on a budget to make their first VTuber model or purchase an affordable premade avatar. And if you are planning to create a model yourself, here are our top picks for the best VTuber software (both free and paid).

VRoid Studio (Free)

Best VTuber software - VRoid Studio
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VRoid Studio is a tool to create 3D characters. If you are under the impression that 2D or 3D modeling is hard, VRoid Studio will change your mind. They say 3D modeling on VRoid Studio is as easy as drawing on paper.

With so many ready-to-use preset items, you won’t need to create anything from scratch. You just need to pick items such as facial and body features, hairstyles, or outfits you like and customizable their shape, color, design, and much more via intuitive sliders.

If you are a beginner on a budget, VRoid Studio is the perfect tool to design your ideal model.

Animaze by FaceRig (Paid)

Best VTuber software - Animaze by FaceRig
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Animaze is arguably the easiest VTubing software to get started with. This software lets you live-stream, video chat, and record videos as one of the 50+ avatars offered. You can also import your own 2D, 3D, VRM, or Ready Player Me model.

It basically morphs you into whatever avatar you choose. And its enhanced face-tracking technology accurately reproduces your facial expressions on the virtual character. Full-body tracking isn't available in this tool; it focuses on just the face.

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Animaze is available to download on PC and iPhone. Although there is a free version available, in order to stream at 60 FPS or export your video, you need to upgrade to the paid version which costs $19.99 per month.

VTube Studio (Free)

Best VTuber software - VTube Studio
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VTube Studio is a tracking software designed to work with 2D avatars, just like Animaze. However, VTube Studio offers a hand and gesture tracking as well as audio-based lipsync, adding a whole new layer of interactivity to your avatars.

The tool supports face tracking via webcam (using OpenSeeFace) or by using a connected iPhone/Android device as a face tracker. You can wink or narrow your eyes and it will pick it up. Also, you can enable hotkeys to trigger certain reactions such as blushing or crying.

Overall, VTube Studio is a perfect app for Virtual YouTubers that makes it easy and fun to bring your own Live2D models to life.

VSeeFace (Free)

Best VTuber software - VSeeFace
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VSeeFace is a highly configurable face and hand-tracking VRM and avatar puppeteering program for virtual YouTubers with a focus on robust tracking and high image quality. You can import the VRM-based avatar you created on VSeeFace and it will take care of the animation part.

Face tracking, including eye gaze, blink, eyebrow, and mouth tracking, can be done through a regular webcam with high accuracy. This means you can rely on the software to capture your real expressions while you are streaming. For hand tracking, a Leap Motion device is required.

For a new VTuber, VRoid Studio and VSeeFace make the perfect combo for streaming with a 3D avatar.

That's everything we know about the best VTuber software from free to paid. We hope it helps you on your content creation journey.

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