Best PS5 controller charger 2023

A white and black PS5 controller leaning against a PS5.
Credit: Nik

A white and black PS5 controller leaning against a PS5.
Credit: Nik

The best PS5 controller charger is the easiest way to keep your controllers fully powered without worrying about it.

Much like if you've got any of the best PS4 controller chargers or the best Xbox Series X controller chargers, nabbing a top-quality PS5 controller charger is extremely convenient when you're a hardcore gamer.

You can go for options that charge using a dedicated dock or charging station, or something a little more extravagant. These can take the form of stands that can not only charge your controllers but also hold your PS5 and any accessories you may have, such as a headset. And, with the release of the excellent DualSense Edge, what better time could there be to invest in a new charger?

With all this in mind, we’ve selected the best PS5 controller chargers based on our research into their specs, features, general reviews, and other general points, that we think make them worth considering.

Best PS5 controller chargers

  1. PlayStation DualSense Charging Station
  2. Razer Quick Charging Stand For PS5
  3. OIVO PS5 Dual Controller Charger Station Stand
  4. NexiGo PS5 Controller Charger
  5. Auarte Dual Charge PS5 Controller Charger
PlayStation DualSense Charging Station in white and black with two PS5 controllers connected on top.
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Credit: Sony

1. PlayStation DualSense Charging Station

Best PS5 controller charger overall

Sony actually manufactures its own PlayStation DualSense Charging Station, so if you're looking for a sleek and official solution, then this is a brilliant choice.

You'll find it takes design cues from the console and controllers themselves, with the same modern, white look to it. Alongside this, you can charge two controllers at once at the same speeds as if they were charging directly to your PS5 via a wire, which is handy.

The controllers intriguingly click into the dock for charging, which keeps them secure, and the fact it plugs into the wall to charge means you can use your PS5's USB ports for connecting other items.

Razer Quick Charging Stand in magenta with a similarly coloured PS5 controller on top.
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Credit: Razer

2. Razer Quick Charging Stand For PS5

Best PS5 controller charger from Razer

The Razer Quick Charging Stand For PS5 is a great choice for those wanting a rather premium PS5 controller charger.

It will allow you to charge one controller fully in under three hours, which ensures you should have plenty of playtime and connects up via USB to your PS5 conveniently. If you want to though, you could even connect it up to your PC, or via a wall plug, if it makes more sense for your setup.

Alongside this, the curved cradle design looks fantastic, and there are colour-matched options for whether you've got a white or black controller, as well as a red one too.

OIVO Charger Station in white with a headset and two controllers attached.
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Credit: OIVO

3. OIVO PS5 Dual Controller Charger Station Stand

Best PS5 controller charger from OIVO

For those wanting a versatile controller charger, the OIVO PS5 Dual Controller Charger Station Stand looks like a marvellous choice.

It not only allows you to charge your controllers with ease in a dock but also acts as a cooling stand for the PS5 itself, as well as a headset stand, too. This in turn draws in hot air from the PS5 itself through the stand's built-in fan, which can help to reduce temperatures when you're in those intense gaming sessions.

The stand can charge a pair of controllers in around two and a half hours from empty, which is pretty good, and integrated LED indicators will let you know that the controllers are all charged up and ready to go, which is handy.

NexiGo PS5 Controller Charger image of a white and black stand with two controllers connected, the stand featuring orange lighting.
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Credit: NexiGo

4. NexiGo PS5 Controller Charger

Best PS5 controller charger from NexiGo

The NexiGo PS5 Controller Charger looks to be a fantastic option if you're hunting for some good fast charging and cool accessories with your dock.

If you use the bundled 5.3V power adapter, you can expect to have two controllers charged in under 3 hours, which is rather good going. The actual design of this dock looks great too, with a white and black cradle, complete with a pair of LED indicators on either the top or bottom.

Alongside the dock itself, you also get thumb grips and trigger extenders bundled here, which can help to make your gaming experience more comfortable.

Auarte Dual Charge image of a black and white charging stand.
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Credit: Auarte

5. Auarte Dual Charge PS5 Controller Charger

Best PS5 controller charger from Auarte

The Auarte Dual Charge PS5 Controller Charger looks to be a decent PS5 controller charger option if you're hunting for some rather cool design

It features a black and transparent plastic construction that should be sturdy and also looks pretty decent too. Alongside this, as this is a vertical dock, it won't be taking up too much space next to your console, giving you more space to put other accessories, such as a headset stand.

A charge time of under four hours for both controllers is also decent, and means you should be back up and running in no time at all, and LED indicators are handy for letting you know when your controllers are all charged up.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We've answered some of the most frequently asked queries below to help your search.

Are PS5 controller chargers worth it?

In our humble opinion, we'd say that PS5 controller chargers are worth it. This is because they offer a simple and convenient solution for charging your controllers in a dock or as part of a stand which means you won't need to plug any cables in, which can also offer you a cleaner setup.

How much should I spend on a PS5 controller charger?

We'd say that spending between $20 and $45 is likely to get you a good controller charger with a decent charge time, alongside some sturdy build quality, good looks, and convenient connectivity.

What should I look for in a PS5 controller charger?

We'd say to look for key things such as charging time, build quality, and connectivity when deciding which PS5 controller charger to go for.

A charge time of between three and four hours for both controllers from zero to full is around average for docks. Connectivity can come in the form of either USB or more commonly for the faster-charging docks, via a dedicated power brick that plugs directly into the wall.

As for build quality, you'll want to look for something made of sturdy plastics, so that it's durable.

Does DualSense have USB-C?

Yes, so, if you wish to, you can plug in a USB-C cable from your controller to the console, although, it will charge at a slower rate than using a dock with its own wall charger. This is because arguably it'll draw less power.

How long does a PS5 controller battery last?

All in all, the PS5 controller's battery is quoted to last for 12 hours at a time.

Given the way these docks work, there isn't necessarily a way of improving on this figure, as opposed to if you had a controller that worked with removable packs.

How long do PS5 controllers take to charge?

Generally speaking, PS5 controllers will take between two and three hours to charge from zero to 100%. This is when you've got them plugged into the dock, of course.

They can be charged via USB while you use them, but they may take longer to charge that way.

Can you keep a PS5 controller on the charger?

In short, yes. There should be no risk of overcharging the internal PS5 battery, unlike with older controllers, given it features an intelligent battery system that ceases charging when the internal battery reaches 100%.

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