Best office chair 2023 - Our top ergonomic picks for home and work

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best office chair

So, what's the best office chair out there today? If you've stumbled across this article, then it's likely you're asking the same question as us.

It's a pretty crowded market, so you need to know what to look for, and getting a chair that's going to be comfortable for you is probably most integral.

An office chair is going to be the centrepiece of your home office setup, and alongside it, you can get some other pieces of hardware to build yourself a solid workspace.

For instance, you might want to think about buying one of the best monitors for working from home or of the best laptop stands. Adding a footrest or wrist rest should also definitely help enhance your setup.

Office chairs each have their own style; some feature professional looks designed for home offices, whilst others may be more akin to gaming chairs with voluminous levels of padding and quilted leather. It's worth conceptualising your setup to see if the office chair you go for looks right. 

Price is also going to be key, too. Some more affordable chairs can be pretty good, but an item you're going to be using for several hours a day, every day should be built to last, so going for a more premium option may serve you well.

With all this in mind and more, we’ve selected these office chairs based on their features, reviews, and other general points, that we think make them worth considering, plus, we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions so you can pick the best one for you.

So, let's get into it, here are some of the best office chairs out there today.

Best office chair

Best office chair - Herman Miller Aeron

best office chair
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Image Credit: Herman Miller
Brand: Herman Miller | Supported Height: A: 4ft 10-5ft 4, B: 5ft 2-6ft, C: 5ft 10-6ft 6 | Max Weight: A: Up to 300lbs, B: Up to 350lbs, C: Up to 350lbs | Adjustable: Yes | Tilt Angle: Recline: "As far as you like", Forward: 5 degrees

Herman Miller is a name that's mostly associated with comfortable office chairs and their Aeron is one of the best you can buy. 

It looks incredibly stylish with a mesh seat and metal frame that is both modern looking and comfortable too.

The seat on the Herman Miller Aeron conforms to your own position which essentially means the chair will be personal to you and match the way you sit to provide the most comfortable seating position.

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There are also plenty of adjustment options on offer including for seat height, forward tilt and swathes of lumbar support, which is rather handy. 

It's also available in a choice of black or white so can suit plenty of offices, and can be picked up in three sizes depending on how tall you are, ranging from 4ft 10 on the Size A at the lower end all the way to 6ft 6 on the Size C.

Best ergonomic office chair - Humanscale Freedom

best office chair
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Image Credit: Humanscale
Brand: Humanscale | Max Weight: 300lbs | Recline Options: Auto-leveling, adaptive backrest | Pre Assembled: Yes | Adjustable: Yes

If you're hunting for an amazing office chair specifically for ergonomics, the Humanscale Freedom looks incredible. 

It's a chair that's been specifically designed for all day office use, containing features such as an adaptive backrest that adjusts when you recline, and when you do recline, the chair helps to maintain eye level. 


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Alongside this, the Humanscale Freedom also features an automatically adjusting headrest for convenience and cushions that are contoured to fit your body. This helps to make it an incredibly comfortable chair and one that should be great for long working days. 

For more manual configuration, you can of course adjust the armrests and seat pan to get yourself comfortable before letting the chair do the work, too. 

Best budget office chair - IKEA Markus

best office chair
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Image Credit: IKEA
Brand: IKEA | Max Weight: 110kg |Recline Options: Adjustable lock & tilt | Pre Assembled: No | Adjustable: Yes

The IKEA Markus is a fantastic pick if you're looking for a sturdy, comfortable office chair that won't break the bank.

With a mesh back and plush leather cushion and headrest, it should be quite the comfortable chair to sit in for a long working day, and a sturdy metal frame also means it's durable, too. 

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Having a mesh back can make the chair breathable, which means you won't be getting too warm whilst sitting down. This can become especially apparent in warmer weather, and having a chair that allows you to stay cool is definitely handy.

Adjustment options for Markus come in the form of tilt, height, and you can also either lock the bank in place, or recline. This gives you enough options so you can get, and stay, comfortable.  

Best office Secretlab chair - Secretlab Titan Evo 2022

best office chair secretlab
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Credit: Secretlab
Manufacturer: Secretlab | Max Weight: 285lbs(S), 285lbs (R), 395lbs (XL) | Tilt Angle: 165 degrees | Pre Assembled: No | Adjustable: Yes

The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 is the brand's latest and greatest office chair, and offers an excellent choice for those wanting more of a premium gaming option;

With it, you'll be getting a choice of either the brand's hybrid leatherette or a fabric finish, both of which should be especially comfortable, as well as being rather durable, too.

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The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 also features some clever integrated lumbar support that's taken care of via two dials on the backrest and offers some great adjustability here, as well as also with the 4D armrests and the ability to tilt and recline.

In addition, it comes in a variety of finishes and colours, so you'll be sure to find one you like, be it the black and gold standard option, or the 'Cookies and Cream' fabric.

You can read more about what we think of the Titan Evo 2022 in our Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 review.

Best gaming office chair - Razer Iskur

best office chair
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Image Credit: Razer
Brand Razer | Max Weight: 299lbs | Tilt Angle: 90-101 degrees | Recommended Height: 5ft 6-6ft 2 | Adjustable: Yes

Classic looking office chairs aren't for everyone, and if you're looking to add a bit of taking flair to your setup, then the Razer Iskur is a marvellous choice. 

First off, it features Razer's usual two tone colouring of black with flecks of green that looks fantastic, and the memory foam seat should feel comfortable when you're seated.

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The Iskur's comprised of breathable synthetic leather, so even with its plush construction, it should mean you stay pretty cool whilst involved with those marathon gaming sessions. 

There are also some good adjustment options on offer with 4D armrests that can move up, down, left, and right, or the handy lumbar curve so the chair can mould to fit your back to maximise comfort

Best adjustable office chair - Steelcase Gesture

best office chair
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Image Credit: Steelcase
Manufacturer: Steelcase | Max Weight: 400lbs | Tilt Angle: 98-116 degrees | Pre-Assembled: Yes | Adjustable: Yes

The Steelcase Gesture is a brilliant chair if having plenty of adjustment options is of paramount importance.

You'll find some marvellous inclusions such as practically infinitely adjustable armrests as well as a clever recline function that matches the arch of your back automatically for a more comfortable experience when you're laying back.

There should also be a fair amount of padding here too, especially on the seat. As well as offering loads of configuration, therefore, the Gesture should be great for long working days even with no adjustment.

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It also looks pretty sharp and purposeful, with the Steelcase Gesture carrying with it quite the professional aesthetic, so should fit well within any home office or work environment.

With that being said though, you can get it in other colours such as red or blue, which may fit the look of your room better, or you just want a chair that can stand out from the crowd.

Frequently asked questions

There are always a few questions that pop up time and time again when it comes to office chairs, so here are our two cents to help you make an informed decision.

Are expensive office chairs worth it?

In a general sense, yes. More premium office chairs are likely to be better built and feature more ergonomically-minded design features in some instances.

Given that better build quality, they are likely to last longer compared to more affordable ones, but at the end of the day, it's all down budget. More expensive office chairs are only worth if you can afford one, of course.

Some peer-reviewed articles suggest that choosing a chair with the right ergonomic features for your body can improve spinal health.

How much should I spend on an office chair?

This all depends on the kind of chair you're going to be using. For more of a standard and affordable choice, spending up to $200 will get you a comfortable chair with some good adjustment that should also be well-made.


Spending more will get you more and for the more ergonomically-minded and specialist chairs with self-levelling backrests, or foam that contours directly to the shape of your body, you may be looking in the region of $500 to $800 for some of the very best options.

Is a mesh chair better?

This really depends on personal preference. Some people may prefer a mesh chair for breathability if they're prone to getting hot if it gets warm in your office, whilst others may wish for a potentially more supportive, leather or fabric-backed option.

We'd say the best thing is to go out somewhere and try out a mesh office chair and then sit in a leather or fabric-backed one and see what you find most comfortable.

What is an ergonomic desk chair?

An ergonomic office chair is a type of office chair that will be specifically designed to maximise comfort.

To mark themselves out from more standard office chairs, they may usually come with clever features such as cushions that mould to the user's body, adaptive backrests, and plenty of configuration that can suit practically anybody.

How long do leather office chairs last?

Again, the answer is that it depends on your usage and how often you're sitting down in the chair.

An office chair is usually guaranteed for anything from 5 to 15 years depending on the manufacturer, which gives you an idea of how durable chairs can be.

Are firmer chairs better?

Firmer chairs are traditionally assumed to be better for ergonomics due to them offering better support. This comes courtesy of the point that the cushions can mould to support your frame in the right places, therefore increasing comfort.

Softer chairs can lead to poorer posture as the chair isn't supporting you enough and you essentially end up sinking into it as opposed to being held up.