Best MagSafe case 2023

Someone holding an iPhone with a clear MagSafe case on it.
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The best MagSafe case is an amazing way to look after your iPhone while also allowing it to perform to the best of its ability.

Ever since Apple introduced wireless charging with its MagSafe Charger, more and more MagSafe-compatible cases are becoming available to take advantage of this new wireless system.

As a result, a MagSafe case allows you to use some of the best wireless chargers around. Also, you can use it to attach your iPhone to a MagSafe car mount, Apple's MagSafe wallet, plus a plethora of other magnetic accessories.

Of course, the best MagSafe needs to be highly durable, shock-resistant, and drop-resistant, ideally. There are also a variety of textures, patterns, and colours to pick from depending on your personality and style.

So, taking all of this into account, as well as price and review, we have compiled a list of the best MagSafe cases for your iPhone right here.

Best MagSafe case

  1. OtterBox Symmetry Series+
  2. Spigen Optik Armor
  3. Smartish Protective Case
  4. Casekoo Case
  5. Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max MagSafe Case
Otterbox Symmetry Series+ product image of a dark blue case on an iPhone.
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Credit: OtterBox

1. Otterbox Symmetry Series+

Best MagSafe case overall

Compatible With: iPhone 12 Pro Max & iPhone 13 Pro Max
Material: Polycarbonate
Other Features: Anti-Microbial, 50% Recycled Plastic

The OtterBox Symmetry Series+ looks to be one of the best rugged phone cases around, plus it comes with a good selection of colours for you to choose from.

In fact, OtterBox boasts its case can survive 3x more drops than a standard military-grade cover.

To achieve this, it features raised edges to protect the screen and camera. Plus, it features antimicrobial technology designed to protect its exterior against the most common bacteria.

The case we have described here is for iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max, and currently, you can get it in 2 variants - clear and solid colours. It's also designed to be fairly thin, meaning it should fit in your pocket or bag with ease.

Materials-wise, it's made from polycarbonate with over 50% recycled plastic. So, if you're looking for an eco-friendly option, this OtterBox bit of kit could be your answer.

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Spigen Optik Armor product image of a black MagSafe case deconstructed.
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Credit: Spigen

2. Spigen Optik Armor

Best MagSafe case for iPhone 14

Compatible With: iPhone 14
Material: Silicone, TPU
Other Features: Slide-and-Snap Cover for Camera, Anti-Slip Surface

We feel Spigen's Optik Armor for iPhone 14 is one of those 'no-nonsense' cases with no frills or fancy designs. It is a straightforward rugged case for your device to keep your phone protected.

To achieve this, the case is crafted from silicone and TPU to create a hard outer shell. To stop you from dropping it though, the case has an anti-slip matte surface that's designed to give you a better grip on your iPhone.

It's also worth noting the cover's build is dual-layered for military-grade drop protection. You also get added shock absorption through its Air Cushion Tech to add to the case's ability to keep your phone safe.

Your camera should stay protected too as there's a slide-and-snap cover that should shield it from damage when not in use.

As far as portability is concerned, Spigen's MagSafe case looks slim and form-fitted, so you'll likely find it slips into your pocket easily ready for you to take your phone with you wherever you go.

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Smartish Gripzilla product image of a black case on an iPhone.
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Credit: Smartish

3. Smartish Gripzilla

Best MagSafe case for grip

Compatible With: iPhone 13 Pro Max
Material: N/A
Other Features
: Grooved Sides

Even with a case, an iPhone can lack grip at times. That's where Smartish's MagSafe Gripzilla comes in.

The case features grooves on both sides to give your fingers a better hold of your phone, and the textured surface should prevent it from slipping from your hands.

Furthermore, the case features air-cushioned corners, which, combined with triple-layer drop protection, ensures that your new iPhone remains protected.

Smartish boasts its case features a soft inner lining that's slightly raised around the camera to prevent scratching.

This particular case is meant for iPhone 13 Pro Max, but you can also get one for iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Mini, and is available in five different colours to suit your style.

So, if you want something designed to be non-slip, then Smartish's case could be your answer.

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CASEKOO Case product image of a blue MagSafe case above an iPhone.
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Best budget MagSafe case

Compatible With: iPhone 12 Pro Max
Material: Polyethylene Terephthalate
Other Features: Phone Stand

This Casekoo Case looks to be a great option to consider if you're searching for a relatively inexpensive MagSafe bit of kit

To begin with, the case's surface is resistant to scratching. Furthermore, it comes with airbags in the four corners for impact resistance, plus their angles are designed to prevent collision as well.

It also features a raised bezel to protect your screen and camera, thus helping to ensure all-around protection of your iPhone.

Also, not only is it compatible with magnetic accessories, but the case supports fast 15W charging as well. So, if you're looking to quickly recharge your batteries, this case should have you covered.

This particular option is clear, but you get to choose a shade for the translucent cover and the edges. Currently, the colour options are black, blue, rose gold, and transparent. As the case is coated with German Bayer, which prevents yellowing, the colour shouldn't fade over time either.

So, if you're on the hunt for a clear MagSafe case for your iPhone, then this CASEKOO device could be a great budget option to consider.

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Apple MagSage Case product image of a dark grey iPhone MagSafe case.
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Credit: Apple

5. Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max MagSage Case

Best official Apple MagSafe case

Compatible With: iPhone 14 Pro Max
Material: Silicone
Other Features: Perfectly Compatible with MagSafe

Although there are plenty of third-party accessories for iPhones, sometimes it's hard to beat the official bit of kit.

Apple's case for iPhone 14 Pro, for example, is crafted from silicone, which means it should have a soft texture on the outside, while the inside is lined with microfibre to keep your phone safe.

Since it is the official case, you will likely find it can attach seamlessly with other Apple-made magnetic accessories as the built-in magnets should align perfectly with the case. This gives it the capacity for fast charging as well with the right Qi-certified device.

As far as silicone cases are concerned, you can pick from 8 different colours - there are dark solid colours as well as pastel options depending on your preference.

So, if you'd prefer to stick to Apple's products, then the official MagSafe case for iPhones is well worth checking out.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

You might wonder about these things while looking for the best MagSafe case for your iPhone...

Is a MagSafe case worth it?

If you're planning to use the magnetic features of your iPhone, then yes, a good MagSafe case is a worthy investment.

As mentioned earlier, a MagSafe case allows you to connect your iPhone to a Qi charger, MagSafe wallet, car mounts, and much more without taking the case off.

A MagSafe case can also add a layer of protection around your iPhone. iPhones can also be slippery, so, a MagSafe case can also make your phone easier to hold depending on the material.

So, in short, we'd definitely recommend considering a MagSafe case for your iPhone.

Can you leave your phone on MagSafe overnight?

According to Apple, it is safe to leave your iPhone on a MagSafe charger overnight provided you have Optimized Battery Charging turned on.

What this means is your phone delay charging past 80% in certain situations, and will only deliver the final 20% when its algorithm calculates when it might be unplugged.

This is designed to reduce the wear on your battery and improve its lifespan by reducing the time your iPhone spends fully charged.

To turn on the feature, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging and turn on Optimized Battery Charging. Bear in mind, this feature is only available on iOS 13 or later.

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