Best MacBook Air monitor 2023 - Our top picks

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Looking for the best MacBook Air monitor? Well, we've compiled a list of our top picks to kick off your search in the best way possible.

Before we dive into the product list, you might be wondering: how do I connect a monitor to my MacBook Air? Well, it's simple - look for a monitor that comes with USB-C ports to provide a connection to your laptop whilst also doubling up as a charger.

With connectivity covered, you'll also want to consider the screen size and resolution. Now, these two specs can vary depending on your budget and use case.

For example, to edit videos, you might want to go for a larger, 4K display. However, there's no set rule on what resolution is best as it all comes down to your intended use.

The same goes for the screen size - if you plan to play games, you can pick a smaller screen like 23-inch to 25-inch to keep all the action in front of you. For editing, mid-sized screens, like 27 to 32 inches or larger should work best.

If you're a designer, an illustrator, or something along these lines where accurate visuals are key, then colour gamut and colour accuracy are two more factors to consider.

Colour gamut refers to the spectrum of colours that your monitor can produce, usually under DCI-P3 or sRGB, whereas colour accuracy describes how precisely the colour would be reproduced, thus allowing you to preview your work in its true form.

We get it - with compatibility and other technical details, shopping for the right monitor can be difficult. You can cut to the chase and add the Apple Studio Display to your cart. Or, you can explore other options such as those featured below.

With this in mind, we've picked monitors based on price, reviews, and the aforementioned specs to kick off your search in the best way possible. So, without further delay, let's dive in...

Best MacBook Air monitor

Best all-round MacBook Air monitor - Dell U2722DE Ultra Sharp USB-C Hub Monitor

best macbook air monitor - dell ultra sharp
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Credit: Dell
Brand: Dell | Screen Size: 27-inch | Resolution: 4K | Colour: 100% sRGB | Response Time: 5ms | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | Connectivity: USB-C Hub Other Features: Anti-Glare Coating

Dell's UltraSharp monitor sports a 27-inch screen with QHD (or 4K) resolution, which is said to deliver "captivating colours". 4K on a 27-inch screen should also deliver high pixel density for more true-to-life picture quality.

On the topic of colours, you get 100% sRGB, 100% Rec.709, and 95% DCI-P3. These should give you more than sufficient depth and deliver accurate colours as well whilst editing and designing.

The monitor also comes with "In-Plane Switching technology" that's designed to enable you to view a consistent picture from any angle.

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Further, the monitor has a 60Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time, which should suffice for designing. However, if you're looking to edit videos or animations, you might want to go for something a little quicker and smoother.

To add to that, the monitor has a multitude of ports to let you connect your setup easily. You get ports like USB-C, HDMI, DisplayPort, and even an RJ45 port.

If you want a decent monitor to go with your MacBook Air, make sure you check out this UltraSharp display.

Best premium MacBook Air monitor - BenQ PD3220U

best premium macbook air monitor - benq
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Credit: BenQ
Brand: BenQ | Screen Size: 32-inch | Resolution: 4K | Colour: 100% sRGB | Response Time: 1 ms | Refresh Rate: 165Hz | Connectivity: USB-C, USB 3.1, Thunderbolt, DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0 | Other Features: Hot-Puck, Professional Modes

This BenQ PD3220U monitor appears to be targeted at content creators. To begin with, you get a 32-inch display with a 4K resolution which should deliver sharp pictures with high pixel density.

Next, the monitor delivers 95% Display P3 and DCI-P3, and 100% sRGB colour coverage with Delta E ≤ 3 accuracy. This means you'll likely find precise colours for design, video editing, and other graphics-heavy work.

Plus, it has Pantone-validated and Calman-verified colours - meaning the colour accuracy has been verified. Add in BenQ's AQCOLOR technology, and you should find you get a broad spectrum of temperature, gamma and brightness.

For professionals, there are a few modes to ease the creative workflow - M-book, Darkroom, CAD/CAM, and Animation mode. CAD/CAM mode, for example, is designed to reduce your exposure to blue light, which, in turn, can reduce strain on your eyes when working for long hours.

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Also, the monitor comes with Daisy Chain, KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) Switch, and Hot Puck G2 to further speed up the creative process. With the Hotkey Puck, you can preset 3 buttons and a dial to your desired settings - something that will likely save you a ton of time.

As far as ports are concerned, the BenQ's monitor lets you plug into DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0, USB-C, Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.1, and also a headphone jack.

So, if you're looking for a premium monitor with high colour accuracy and a ton of connectivity options, then make sure you check out this BenQ bit of kit.

Best budget MacBook Air monitor - Acer Nitro

acer nitro best budget macbook air monitor
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Credit: Acer
Brand: Acer | Screen Size: 27-inch | Resolution: 1080p | Colour: 100% sRGB | Response Time: 1ms | Refresh Rate: 165Hz | Connectivity: HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2a | Other Features: HDR400, VESA-certified

To begin with, the monitor has a 27-inch display with a 1920x1080p resolution. Considering the screen size, the Full HD resolution should give you decent pixel density.

Coming to colours, you get a wide 99% sRGB colour gamut, which is designed to give actual colours without distortion. The HDR400 should complement the colours by delivering realistic colours and brightness.

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Furthermore, the monitor sports an IPS panel, which can deliver a clear view from any angle. So, you can mount this VESA-certified monitor on an arm, and set it to your preferred angles without affecting image quality.

Interestingly, this monitor can also be used for gaming - it comes with a refresh rate of 165Hz and 1ms response time. You also get VRR support with AMD FreeSync Premium to reduce screen tearing and stuttering.

As far as connectivity is concerned, you get 2 HDMI2.0 ports and a DisplayPort 1.2a to hook up your MacBook too. So, if you're looking for a budget monitor that's compatible with MacBook Air, then this Acer monitor might be your answer.

Best portable MacBook Air monitor - ASUS ProArt Display

best macbook air monitor portable - asus proart
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Credit: Asus
Brand: Asus | Screen Size: 14-inch | Resolution: 1080p | Colour: 99% sRGB | Response Time: 8ms/ 5ms | Refresh Rate: 60hz | Connectivity: UBS-C, micro HDMI | Other Features: ProArt Palette

The ASUS ProArt monitor series appears to be aimed at digital artists. Out of this product range, the smallest monitor is a 14-inch display that's designed to be portable.

It comes with an FHD resolution, which should look extra sharp on such a small screen.

Furthermore, you get wide colour gamuts, like 100% sRGB and 100% Rec. 709 colour, to deliver vivid colours. Also, as these colours are Calman verified, you should be able to rely on their accuracy.

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Just like other monitors from the ProArt range, this one comes with the 'ASUS ProArt Palette' - a feature that lets creators customize their display and add intuitive controls. Along with this, you can also quickly adjust the colour gamuts with 'ProArt Preset' - a feature exclusive to ASUS.

Connectivity-wise, you get two UBS-C ports and a Micro HDMI port. The display comes packed with a USB-C cable, a USB-C to USB-A cable, and an HDMI to micro HDMI cable - plenty of options then.

Ultimately, if it's a portable monitor you're after, then this ASUS ProArt Display looks like a no-brainer.

Best MacBook Air monitor for editing - LG 27MD5KL-B 27 Inch UltraFine

Best for Editing - LG 27MD5KL-B 27 Inch UltraFine 5K
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Credit: LG
Brand: LG | Screen Size: 27-inch | Resolution: 5K | Colour: 99% P3 | Response Time: N/A | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | Connectivity: USB-C, Thunderbolt 3 | Other Features: MacOS compatibility

LG's UltraFine display boasts a stunning 5K resolution, which is a whopping 5120x2880. With a pixel density of 218 PPI, the monitor should more than deliver in terms of picture quality and sharp detail

Moreover, the monitor has a wide 100% P3 colour gamut and 500nits of brightness, which should only add to the vibrancy and detail of the picture with its accurate tones. Thrown in an IPS panel, and you should get a clear view from any angle.

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Next, the 5K monitor features a 60Hz refresh rate, which should suffice for graphic designs. However, for video editing, you might want to go for something a little higher.

As far as connectivity is concerned, you get 3 USB-C ports and a Thunderbolt 3 port. In any case, the monitor boasts that it has 'macOS compatibility', so you don't have to be worried about whether the connection options suit your MacBook.

Overall, this LG display looks well worth considering if a highly detailed 5K monitor is something you're after for your design work.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you're shopping for the best MacBook Air monitor, you might encounter some questions. Don't worry though, we've answered some of the most common queries below.

Will any monitor work with a MacBook Air?


Any monitor should work with your MacBook Air as long as you have the right connector and cable.

You don't need a special monitor for your MacBook Air - all you need is a monitor with a USB-C port.

However, not every monitor will have this kind of connection, so it's worth checking the connectivity options on the manufacturer's website if you're unsure whether a specific monitor is MacBook Air-compatible.

How do I display my MacBook Air on a monitor?

Connecting a monitor to your MacBook is simple and can even be done wirelessly in some cases.

The simplest way though should be to plug your USB-C cable into your laptop as well as your monitor.

If you want to go wireless, you can connect your devices via AirPlay. All you have to do is make sure your devices are on the same network and pick your monitor in the 'AirPlay' menu. This will mirror your MacBook Air onto the monitor.

However, to go the wireless way, you need a monitor that is compatible with AirPlay. So, again, make sure you check the specs if this is one feature you're after.

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