Best Ergonomic Mouse 2024

A graphite-coloured ergonomic mouse with a trackball on the left side sat on a light brown desk.
Credit: Logitech

A graphite-coloured ergonomic mouse with a trackball on the left side sat on a light brown desk.
Credit: Logitech

The best ergonomic mouse ensures that your joints are protected whenever you're using your PC. While not the most exciting accessory, ergonomics are crucial for long-term health, keeping your wrists, elbows, and shoulders comfortable. This applies to both the best wireless mice and great wired options—the key is in the shape and feel of the mouse itself.

Considering the importance of your health, finding the right ergonomic mouse is essential. Fortunately, our list of top picks—based on price, reviews, comfort, features, and more—is here to help. Let's dive in...

Best ergonomic mice

  1. Evoluent Vertical Mouse - a well-rounded choice for most people
  2. Logitech MX Ergo - best trackball option
  3. Razer Basilisk V3 Pro - a top choice for gaming
  4. Logitech Lift - a great midrange contender
  5. Anker Vertical Ergonomic Mouse - best budget pick
Evoluent Vertical Mouse product image of a black vertical wireless mouse featuring grey Evoluent branding.
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Credit: Evoluent

1. Evoluent Vertical Mouse

Best ergonomic mouse overall

Weight: 136 grams
DPI: ???
Connection types: Wireless

We're kicking off with the Evoluent Vertical Mouse, specifically the regular-sized right-handed model, but you can get it in different sizes, and for the left-handed people out there too. After all, good ergonomics often starts with a good fit. This mouse is the peak of ergonomic mouse usage, because it's got a really comfortable angle, two thumb buttons which make using the PC easier, and it's not too heavy.

One of the best aspects about this mouse though, outside of the little lip on the bottom to stop your hand from rubbing against the desk and slowly covering it with your skin cells, which nobody wants, is that you can customize a lot of it. The Evoluent Mouse Manager software allows you to go in and change what the buttons do, but also how they work in different programs.

It's just a very comfortable, customizable, and highly ergonomic experience overall, making it one of the best choices out there.

Reasons to buy:

  • Incredibly comfortable
  • You can customize almost every aspect of it in the app

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Logitech MX Ergo product image of a graphite mouse with a lighter grey trackball on the left side.
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Credit: Logitech

2. Logitech MX Ergo

Best trackball ergonomic mouse (10.9k)

Weight: 163 grams
DPI: 2,048
Connection types: Wireless

A good trackball mouse is an excellent way to change up how you interact with a computer, and it can take a lot of strain off of your shoulders, wrists, and elbows too. This Logitech MX Ergo Trackball Mouse is a beauty, and it's an excellent way to take some stress out of your work life while making it feel a little easier on your body.

Aside from having a trackball in the first place, you can adjust the angle of it to help you reduce muscle fatigue. It also has a battery life of up to four months on a full charge, and it can work on multiple devices and even drag files between them, which always feels like living in the future. Plus, you can switch between DPIs to make it easier to be precise, or to be fast.

Reasons to buy:

  • Easy to alter for comfort
  • Needs little-to-no space on a desk

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Razer Basilisk V3 Pro product image of a black mouse featuring green Razer branding and RGB lighting underneath.
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Credit: Razer

3. Razer Basilisk V3 Pro

Best ergonomic gaming mouse

Weight: 112 grams
DPI: 30,000
Connection types: Wireless

Now, ergonomics and elite gaming performance aren't exactly fast friends. If you put them both in high school, we have a feeling they'd end up clicking at each other across the schoolyard before bursting into song about how much they dislike each other. That's still how high schools work, right? Anyway, the best ergonomic gaming mouse offers different ergonomics from the others on this list, but the Razer Basilisk V3 Pro is still going to keep your body a little healthier.

This powerful gaming mouse has a mighty DPI of 30k, a hyper scroll tilt wheel, beautiful RGB lights, and 11 programmable buttons, making it an easy choice when you're looking to play games where you've got to use a lot of buttons, which is basically both games these days. It also has a nifty little platform to help protect your hand, and it boasts a wireless connection for more freedom than before.

Overall, it's a superb gaming mouse first and foremost, made even better by its great ergonomics.

Reasons to buy:

  • Provides complete comfort while gaming
  • Plenty of gaming-specific features to take your skills to the next level

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Logitech Lift product image of a white ergonomic mouse featuring grey "Logi" branding in the centre.
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Credit: Logitech

4. Logitech Lift

Best midrange ergonomic mouse

Weight: 125 grams
DPI: 4,000
Connection types: Wireless
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There's a lot to be said for midrange options in anything really. As you get higher up in cost, the returns tend to slowly become less meaningful. Midrange options are often the best compromise, and still offer great functionality, without making you feel slightly dirty for spending so much money on a single thing. This Logitech Lift is the best midrange ergonomic mouse because it does everything it needs to, plus a little bit more.

This incredibly comfortable mouse has a comfortable 57-degree angle, can be connected to up to three devices at once, and has a customizable button on it as well. Along with that, its DPI is decent, and it has quiet clicks, which means you can use it at home, on the go, or in the office, and the clicky-clack it makes will be so hard to notice that even an actual mouse wouldn't be bothered by it.

Reasons to buy:

  • You can connect it to multiple devices at once
  • It's quite cheap compared to its competition

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Anker Vertical Ergonomic Mouse product image of a black vertical mouse with an accompanying USB stick.
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Credit: Anker

5. Anker Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Best budget ergonomic mouse

Weight: 96 grams
DPI: 1,600
Connection types: Wireless

Getting a cheap ergonomic mouse doesn't mean you're going to be sacrificing the quality of the device, nor the protection it offers your wrists, joints, tendons, and soul. In fact, as long as you don't mind a small drop in features, a budget ergonomic mouse can be just as effective, especially if it's one you're buying for traveling, or maybe a home PC you're not using regularly.

The Anker Vertical Ergonomic Mouse has a sleek design that'll fit comfortably in your palm, and it offers plenty of joint protection too. It has five buttons for ease of use, an adjustable DPI, which makes it a godsend when you're looking at switching up tasks, and even a power-saving mode that'll have it automatically turning itself off when not in use, which can save a lot of power in the long run and, in turn, save you some cash - that's what being a "budget" option is all about right?

Reasons to buy:

  • Even cheaper still, yet still high quality
  • It's insanely light

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ergonomic mice are something of an oddity for a lot of people, so let's clear up these muddy waters a little bit.

What is an ergonomic mouse?

An ergonomic mouse is any mouse that's designed to be easy on your joints and allow for a more natural position and posture when using it. They come in different forms, with some going for trackballs, some being vertical, and others that are part-way between the two.

The main thing is they're all meant to be comfortable, and they are designed to protect your joints in the long run. As a result, it's well worth considering one if your job involves sitting at a computer all day long.

Do I need an ergonomic mouse?

While not everyone needs the best ergonomic mouse, having one lying around just in case is a good idea. Whether it's because of an injury, because you slept funny, or just because you're getting older, sometimes joints hurt. An ergonomic mouse helps take the strain off of things, and, as we mentioned above, is worth considering if you work at a PC all day, or if you enjoy gaming for hours upon end.

Are vertical mice worth learning to use?

As long as you don't mind feeling a bit weird for a few days, you should adapt to a vertical mouse fairly quickly. Once you've gotten over the initial change of potion, a vertical mouse is just as efficient as a standard one and a lot kinder on your joints, so we'd say it's worth the initial peculiarity.

Are there ergonomic mice for left-handed users?

Yes, there are ergonomic mice specifically designed for left-handed users. These mice are shaped and contoured to fit the natural curvature of the left hand, providing the same ergonomic benefits as those designed for right-handed users. Many manufacturers offer ambidextrous models as well. These can be comfortably used by both left- and right-handed individuals, ensuring a wider range of ergonomic options.

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