Best cordless vacuum for hard floors 2023 - Our top picks

best cordless vacuum for hard floors

best cordless vacuum for hard floors

If you're looking for the best cordless vacuum for hard floors, we've got you covered right here.

The world of cordless vacuums is growing by the minute, and nowadays you can get some fantastic options for dealing with hard floors.

If you're looking for a more affordable option, though, why not check out our best vacuum cleaners under 100, where you can still find cordless options that work on hard floors, but for a cheaper price.

Cordless stick vacuums for hard floors come with their own attachments and settings that'll make the job easier, so you'll want to keep an eye out for specific hardwood floor settings and soft rollers.

Keeping an eye on the runtime of the cleaner will be useful, as it'll tell you how long the vacuum will last before it needs charging.

For larger spaces, a longer runtime will be handy, while if you live in a smaller abode, you may be able to get away with something that's a bit shorter.

We've taken a look at what's available on the market today, aligned them with what we think makes an excellent cordless vacuum for hard floors, and selected a number of options based on everything from specs to reviews.

So, let’s get to it – here are some recommendations for the best cordless vacuum for hard floors out there today.

Best Cordless Vacuum For Hard Floors

Best Premium Cordless Vacuum For Hard Floors - Dyson V15 Detect

best cordless vacuum for hard floors premium
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Credit: Dyson
Brand: Dyson | Runtime: 60 minutes | Capacity: 900ml | Weight: 3.08kg

Dyson is perhaps the most well-known brand for producing vacuum cleaners. So, for those wanting a premium choice to tackle hard floors, the Dyson V15 Detect looks like an absolutely fantastic option.

You'll find it features a built-in LED laser that can highlight dust that your eyes may not be able to normally see, so you can be sure to get a brilliant overall clean.

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In addition, the Dyson V15 Detect has immensely powerful suction, at around 31kPa, which means it's also quite a hard-working vacuum and will pick up most, if not all of a given spillage.

There's also a decent selection of brush and cylinder attachments on offer, so you can be sure to be equipped for any cleaning tasks, whether you're dealing on hard floors or in something a little thicker such as a carpet.

Best Cordless Vacuum For Hard Floors For Versatility - Miele Trifex HX1

best cordless vacuum for hard floors for versatility
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Credit: Miele
Brand: Miele | Runtime: 60 minutes | Capacity: 500ml | Weight: 4kg

The Miele Trifex HX1 looks to be an excellent cordless vacuum for tackling hard floors, especially given it's one of the most versatile options out there.

This comes courtesy of the fact it offers three physical modes of cleaning. You can use this Miele vacuum either as a full stand vacuum, or as a half stand, or even as a handheld option for speedy cleaning.

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The Miele Trifex HX1 also comes with a clever multi-layered filtration system that keeps the dust and debris inside the vacuum, as opposed to having it stay across your home. These filters are also washable, which is a large help when it comes to reusability.

With it, you also get a 60 minute runtime, which gives you oodles of time in which to get the cleaning sorted.

Best Budget Cordless Vacuum For Hard Floors - Eureka RapidClean Pro

best cordless vacuum for hard floors budget
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Credit: Eureka
Brand: Eureka | Runtime: 40 minutes | Capacity: 600ml | Weight: 2.38kg

The Eureka RapidClean Pro looks to be a great budget choice for those wanting a vacuum to tackle hard floors.

What you'll be getting here is an affordable vacuum that's also rather versatile as it can not only act as a full size stick vacuum, but also as a compact cordless handheld choice, too.

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The Eureka RapidClean Pro should also be able to last for up to 40 minutes of runtime, giving you ample time to clean, and conveniently, it also has a Max Power mode for when the going gets tough and you need to clean on carpets and rugs.

Moreover, if you do need to take a break, this vacuum features a small nook you can use to prop it up against any countertops or furniture, which is rather handy.

Best Mid-Range Cordless Vacuum For Hard Floors - Shark Vertex Cordless

best cordless vacuum for hard floors mid-range
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Credit: Shark
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Brand: Shark | Runtime: 60 minutes | Capacity: 1.28l | Weight: 4.1kg

The Shark Vertex Cordless is a brilliant mid-range choice for those after a handy cordless vacuum for hard floors.

With it comes some immense suction power and uprated Duoclean nozzles that Shark says offer you the ability to pick up more dirt in one swoop than previous models, which is fantastic.

In addition, the Shark Vertex Cordless also features HEPA filtration and an anti-allergen seal which captures and traps the dust and debris the vacuum picks up and prevents it from getting out into the ear, aiding in keeping the air clean as much as the floor.

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HEPA filtration stands for High Efficiency Particulate air filtration, which signifies a system that has up to a 99.97% capture rate for 0.3-micron particulate, and an even higher capture rate for larger particulate.

This vacuum should also be able to run for an hour before needing to be charged, and can also convert into a handheld vacuum as well as a more traditional wand for closer cleaning.

Best Cordless Vacuum For Hard Floors For Battery Life - Tineco Pure One S12

best cordless vacuum for hard floors for battery life
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Credit: Tineco
Brand: Tineco | Runtime: 100 minutes (with both batteries) | Capacity: 600ml | Weight: 2.99kg

If it's a rather long runtime you're after, then the Tineco Pure One S12 should be an incredible choice.

Tineco says this vacuum will last for 100 minutes with a pair of 50 minute-capacity batteries before needing to be charged, which gives you loads of time in which to clean and get things done.

In addition, the Tineco Pure One S12 also features a rather powerful 500W motor that should offer some great cleaning and suction, which they say is six times more powerful than a standard cordless vacuum.

In addition, this candidate can also convert into a handheld option easily, and comes with a raft of different brushes and tools for attacking even the tightest of spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cordless vacuums worth it?

We'd say that cordless vacuums are definitely worth it, given the added freedom and convenience of a wire-free setup, and the long run times offered up by vacuum cleaner batteries these days means you won't need to worry about charging them for a while either.

Such cordless vacuums can also be a versatile tool with multiple attachments, and some can even transform into a handheld cleaner too, so you essentially get two tools in one.

Can I use a cordless vacuum on hardwood floors?

In short, yes. There's no issue with using a cordless vacuum on a hardwood floor for instance, given the fact they're lightweight and will come with a raft of settings that means they can tackle hard floors with no issue at all.

Is it better to vacuum or sweep hardwood floors?

This all depends on who you ask. Some say that sweeping allows you to maintain your floors more effectively because you can control the power more precisely.

However, it could be argued that vacuuming hardwood floors is perfectly fine, given the fact some vacuums have softer rollers that help to protect hardwood floors and have specific settings on them for cleaning such.

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