Best combi drill 2023 - Our top picks for cordless drills

best combi drill

best combi drill

If you're hunting for the best combi drill, we've got you covered right here.

Combi drills are useful all-rounders, providing the flexibility of an appliance that can take care of small household jobs, such as driving screws, as well as drilling through tough materials like concrete or metal.

With a combi drill, much like any cordless drill, things such as the torque figure are pretty integral for determining what it can do. As a rough guide, between 4 and 15Nm will be fine for most household tasks, whilst upwards of 30Nm will be good for drilling holes and driving in large screws. And anything above 30Nm of torque will give you a drill for real heavy-duty tasks.

The same kind of principle also applies to voltage. Around 18V or below is useful for light screw driving work, whilst going for above 18V is likely to be more suited for slightly heavier-duty tasks.

In addition, checking out battery life and capacity will be useful. Lower capacity batteries will keep your drill lighter and easier to manoeuvre if needs be, whilst higher capacity drills will ensure you can get the max run time between charges.

In terms of cost, it's worth highlighting that combi drills can be more expensive than your standard drill drivers, but if you do need a multi-function tool, then we'd say they're worth the outlay.

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We've taken a look at what's available on the market today that aligns with what we think makes a fantastic combi drill, and selected several options based on everything from specs to reviews from a wide range of manufacturers.

So, let’s get to it – here are some recommendations for the best combi drill out there today.

Best Combi Drill

Best Combi Drill Dewalt - Dewalt 18V XR Brushless Compact

best combi drill dewalt
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Credit: Dewalt
Brand: Dewalt | Torque: 65Nm | Voltage: 18V | Battery: 5.0Ah | Weight: 1.5kg

The Dewalt 18VR XR Brushless Compact looks like a great choice for a combi drill that's also cordless.

What you'll find here is a tool that's convenient for using in particularly tight spaces, given its compact frame, as well as magnetic bit storage so every attachment is kept within close proximity for when you need them.

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Alongside this, theDewalt 18VR XR Brushless Compact features 14 torque settings so tougher jobs are a breeze, as well as a powerful hammer function to break down those more durable materials.

In addition, this also looks to be a rather durable drill thanks to its rugged construction, as well as the fact it features an aluminium transmission.

Best Combi Drill Makita - Makita DHP484RTJ

best combi drill makita
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Credit: Makita
Brand: Makita | Torque: 54Nm | Voltage: 18V | Battery: 5.0Ah | Weight: 1.8kg

The Makita DHP484RTJ is a marvellous combi drill option, especially if you're looking for some great build quality.

It features an all-metal gear construction with an aluminium housing, as well as a hard plastic outer shell for maximum durability. Alongside this comes the point you also get a fast charger in the box and two 5.0Ah batteries which should allow this drill to go the distance.

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Moreover, you'll also find 21 torque settings on the Makita DHP484RTJ which should make precise drilling easy and give you plenty of options for however easy or hard the job you're undertaking will be. In addition, there's also a hammer function for breaking down those harder materials.

54Nm of fastening torque also means this drill will work especially well for more heavy-duty tasks.

Best Combi Drill Milwaukee - Milwaukee M18 CBLPD-402C

best combi drill milwaukee
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Credit: Milwaukee
Brand: Milwaukee | Torque: 60Nm | Voltage: 18V | Battery: 4.0Ah | Weight: 1.7kg

The Milwaukee M18 CBLPD-402C should be quite a good option for a combi drill that also brings with it a fair bit of power.

This comes thanks to a max torque of 60Nm, which means this drill will be especially handy for heavy-duty work, and it's also got two speeds, with both a variable and reverse option.

The Milwaukee M18 CBLPD-402C also comes with 18 torque settings to provide you with more control, as well as the convenience of the brand's RedLink Plus system that enhances performance under load, as well as prevents overloads of power, too.

To power it, this Milwaukee drill also comes with two 4.0Ah batteries that should offer decent runtime, and a charge time of 80 minutes means you won't be waiting too long to continue with the job at hand.

Best Combi Drill Ryobi - Ryobi R18PD31-213S

best combi drill ryobi
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Credit: Ryobi
Brand: Ryobi | Torque: 50Nm | Voltage: 18V | Battery: 1.3Ah | Weight: 1.7kg

If you're wanting a cordless combi drill with a versatile set of batteries, the Ryobi R18PD31-213S should be a handy choice.

It forms a key part of Ryobi's ONE+ product line which comes with two 1.3Ah batteries that can be used on any other compatible Ryobi power tools, meaning that if you're already invested in Ryobi's product ecosystem, this drill will also provide you with another set.

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There are also 24 torque settings with the Ryobi R18PD31-213S which means this drill will be suited for even the most intense tasks for screws that won't budge. In addition, a 13mm all-metal ratcheting chuck will provide you with better bit gripping strength.

With this drill, there are also two gears present so you will be able to control the drill's max speed to match different materials and applications, which is handy

Best Combi Drill Bosch - Bosch PSB 1800

best combi drill bosch
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Credit: Bosch
Brand: Bosch | Torque: 39Nm | Voltage: 18V | Battery: 1.5Ah | Weight: 1.08kg

For those on a budget, the Bosch PSB 1800 looks like a marvellous combi-drill choice.

It should be a particularly handy option for beginners, given it features 20-pre set programmes that can help you undertake a wide range of tasks including hanging pictures or assembling furniture.

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In addition, the Bosch PSB 1800 also features a total 39Nm of torque, which means as well as being a good drill for general day-to-day tasks, it will also be up for things that are a whole lot more demanding.

Moreover, you'll also find it features an auto-lock keyless chuck to change drill bits with ease, and the fact it supports the same batteries as the rest of the Bosch product range keeps things convenient.


best combi drill black+decker
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Brand: BLACK+DECKER | Torque: 40Nm | Voltage: 18V | Battery: 1.5Ah | Weight: 2.2kg

The BLACK+DECKER BDCHD18KB-GB looks to be a fantastic option for a cordless combi drill.

What you'll find here is a drill that features 10 different torque settings for jobs large and small, and a handy variable speed function that can provide you with more control.

In addition, the BLACK+DECKER BDCHD18KB-GB comes with two sizeable 1.5Ah batteries that should give you a good run time and also means this drill should be able to handle larger tasks.

This particular drill also features a useful LED light on the end that can help to illuminate the work area if you're working in a poorly lit space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a combi drill worth it?

We'd say that a combi drill is worth it, given the versatility they offer, working well for both smaller and larger jobs.

In addition, combi drills are also said to offer better precision than an impact driver for instance, as well as being a useful starting drill for beginners, given the extra control on offer.

What should I look for in a combi drill?

For a combi drill, things such as their respective torque and voltage figures are key, as well as the number of torque settings, for instance.

When it comes to torque, if you're intending on doing any heavy-duty work, you'll want to look for above 30Nm, whilst if you're just looking to drill holes, then between 15 and 30Nm will suffice.

In line with this, if you go for a drill with more torque settings, it should mean you're able to use the drill for more tasks, as well as also be more precise with your application. For reference, the drills we've featured above have between 10 and 24 different settings.

Alongside torque comes other power figures such as voltage. Around 18V is the sweet spot and a useful yardstick for drills. Go above it and you'll get a drill for more intense workloads, whilst if you go below, you'll get one for lighter screw-driving work.

Battery life and more integrally, the size of the batteries will also be useful. A larger and heavier battery will give you a higher run time, whilst opting for a lighter and lower capacity battery will mean your drill will be easier to manoeuvre thanks to being lighter.

How much should I spend on a combi drill?

This all depends on what you're looking for in a drill, and more integrally, its target market.

For a great beginner's choice, you'll be looking at between $100 and $150 which will get you a drill with a moderate amount of torque and voltage.

For more professional choices, you can expect to spend around $250 to $300, which will get you a drill that's comprised of heavier-duty materials with more settings and power.

Is a brushless combi drill better?

Generally speaking, brushless combi drills do come with a few notable advantages. For instance, a brushless motor is likely to not waste as much energy in heat and friction, allowing for more power to be applied, and their battery runtimes are also said to be longer than those with more traditional motors.

Brushless motors can achieve this because drills use magnets to spin the drillbit, which traditionally had the brushes dragging along as the drill spun, sapping its energy through friction.

Can you use a combi drill as a screwdriver?

In short, yes. You should be able to use a combi drill as a particularly powerful screwdriver, as long as it has a respective screwdriver setting, as well as the relevant drill bits and features such as a variable speed to give you some control.

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