Best Xbox Series X controller charger 2023 - Our top picks

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On the lookout for the best Xbox Series X controller charger? Well, the good news is we've got you covered with our top picks right here!

There's nothing more annoying than being in the middle of a high-intensity game only to have your controller die on you. Your hard work was about to pay off, but now all your efforts have been undone just because your controller lacked battery life.


It's an unfortunate reality with wireless controllers that the battery will need to be re-charged at some point, but with some of the best Xbox rechargeable batteries and one of the very best Xbox Series X controller chargers, you can take a step towards optimising battery life as much as possible.

Whilst battery life is an important factor to take into consideration with a charger, it's also worth taking into account just how quickly it will charge your controller. This will be a vital aspect when your controller dies during a game and you want to jump back on as quickly as you can.

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We've put together our selection of the best available Xbox Series X controller chargers based on specs, features, and general reviews, as well as answering some of your most popular questions on controller chargers in general.

So, let's get into it!

Best Xbox Series X controller charger


Best Xbox Series X controller charger - OIVO XSX

OIVO XSX Controller Charger Station Best Xbox Series X Controller Charger
Credit: OIVO
Brand: OIVO | Docking: Dual | Weight: 0.24kg | Batteries Included: 2x 1300mAh | Available Colours: Black

A good all-around choice for your Xbox Series X charger should be affordable, lightweight, and come with some decent rechargeable batteries. The OIVO XSX Controller Charger Station ticks all of these boxes.

2x 1300mAh batteries take only 2.5 hours to fully charge and will give you up to 20 hours of gameplay. A charging cycle time of 2000 makes this dock a good long-term investment as well.

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Compatible with all types of Xbox controllers, the battery packs are easy to remove and insert, letting you simply click them into place on the rear of your controller.

The LED indicators tell you when your controllers are ready to go, and overcharging, overheating, overvoltage and short circuit protection help to protect your controllers from any unfortunate accidents.

Best budget Xbox Series X controller charger - ELISWEEN Controller Charger

ELISWEEN Controller Charger Best Xbox Series X Controller Charger
Brand: ELISWEEN | Docking: Dual | Weight: 0.24kg | Batteries Included: 2x 1200mAh | Available Colours: Black

Some Xbox Series X controller chargers can be quite pricey, but the ELISWEEN Controller Charger for Xbox undercuts the competition by a significant margin.

This relatively inexpensive charger is priced around the same as a single dock, and its dual charging stations come with 2x 1200mAh rechargeable batteries and an LED indicator for easy-to-see charging progress.

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The device has a charging time of 3 hours, which is only slightly longer than more premium options, and you'll be getting around 10 hours of playtime per controller.

The safety charging feature helps to prevent overcharging, switching off the power to a controller once the station detects it has been fully powered up. A sweet deal if you ask us.

Best single dock Xbox Series X controller charger - PowerA Charging Station

PowerA Charging Stand for Xbox Best Xbox Series X Controller Charger
Credit: PowerA
Brand: PowerA | Docking: Single | Weight: 0.2kg | Batteries Included: 1x 1100mAh | Available Colours: Black, White

Many Xbox Series X charging stations only come in the Dual docking version, but for a great single dock look no further than the PowerA Charging Station for Xbox.


The station comes with a single 1100mAh battery, and a USB connecting cable, giving up to 20 hours of gameplay from a single charge.

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The LED indicator will change from amber to white when fully charged, and although looks aren't everything, we think this model is particularly stylish, with its chunky proportions giving it a durable, well-built quality.

Perhaps the best feature of the PowerA is how simple it looks to be to use, instead of removing batteries, you simply need to click the controller into place, making it an easy-to-use piece of kit.

Best high-speed Xbox Series X controller charger - Fosmon Dual 2 Max

Fosmon Dual 2 Max Charger Best Xbox Series X Controller Charger
Credit: Fosmon
Brand: Fosmon | Docking: Dual | Weight: 0.4kg | Batteries Included: 2x 2200mAh | Available Colours: Black

Whilst some of us prefer going after the cheaper options, more performance-minded gamers should take a look at the Fosmon Dual 2 Max Charger.


Touted as a high-speed charging dock, the station comes with two SGS-certified 2200mAh rechargeable batteries, which are said to allow up to 40+ hours of game time, making them seriously good for longer gaming sessions.

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Smart charging helps to prevent any unfortunate mishaps, as it will shut off the power once the dock recognises a battery is fully charged. Easy-to-place connection also prevents any fumbling around removing caps or batteries.

A 5 hours charge may seem long, but remember the battery size, getting that amount of playtime in just over a standard amount of charge time is seriously fast, so the Fosmon should deliver both on speed and quality.

Best dual-dock Xbox Series X controller charger - Venom Twin Charging Dock

Venom Twin Charging Dock Best Xbox Series X Controller Charger
Credit: Venom
Brand: Venom | Docking: Dual | Weight: 0.34kg | Batteries Included: 2x 850Mah | Available Colours: Black, White, Red, Blue

Some Xbox controller chargers require you to extract the battery, before plugging the controller into the dock. This can be fiddly, and if you're in need of a quick charge it's much simpler to just place the controller onto the station.


This is why the Venom Twin dual charging dock not only looks great but is extremely simple to use.

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It comes with 2 850Mah rechargeable battery packs, which can provide up to 15 hours of gameplay so you can play to your heart's content.

The charger also has a handy extra USB port. This works well if you want to charge other devices on it alongside your Xbox controller.

Frequently asked questions

You probably have a few questions concerning Xbox Series X controller chargers. Well, we're here to help, and we've listed some of the most popular queries below so you can find out more.

Do I need an Xbox Series X controller charger?

If you are using a wireless Xbox controller then we would consider it a very efficient purchase, as it will give you the perfect tool for charging both your controllers and rechargeable batteries.


Other consoles such as PS4 and PS5 make full use of controller chargers, and there is no reason to not follow suit for your Xbox, especially as most stations are compatible with various Xbox models.

How long do Xbox Series X controller batteries last?

This will vary from model to model, but on average you are looking at 8 hours of gameplay at the lower end, all the way up to 24 hours for the very top charging stations.

Battery life isn't everything, as a quick charging controller charger will allow you to get right back into the action, and you also need to consider how long you intend on playing, a 24-hour gaming session is not something many people are after!

How long will my Xbox Series X controller take to charge?

A typical charging time is around a couple of hours per controller, although dual stations will be able to charge two simultaneously.

More powerful versions will be able to deliver the juice in under an hour, although you might not be getting a particularly long playtime with this sort of charge.


If you're someone that might forget to place your controller on charge, or you find yourself needing to grab a quick game out of the blue, then maybe consider going for a more premium option.