Best budget vertical mouse 2024

Someone with their hand on a black vertical mouse in front of a light blue background.
Credit: Logitech

Someone with their hand on a black vertical mouse in front of a light blue background.
Credit: Logitech

The best budget vertical mouse is an amazing way to look after your joints, and change how you use your PC.

Vertical mice put less pressure on your wrists and elbow joints, and for a lot of people that's incredibly important. These ergonomic improvements don't have to cost much though, and that's what the best budget vertical mouse does really well. While you'll struggle to use these in place of a gaming mouse in competitive play, a vertical mouse can do a lot of good.

Despite the somewhat unusual design, a great vertical mouse doesn't have to come at a cost, and more and more models can offer competitive features such as a high DPI, a quality that all of the best gaming mice share.

We've put together some products that we think fit the bill of the best budget vertical mouse, based on their specs, features, budget, of course, and anything we thought made them stand out from the crowd.

Best budget vertical mice

  1. Logitech Lift - a well-rounded choice for most people
  2. DeLUX Ergonomic Mouse - a great option with a wrist rest
  3. ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse - best pick for gaming
  4. LEKVEY Vertical Wireless Mouse - top pick for the price
  5. Perixx PERIMICE-713L - best option for left-handed people
Logitech Lift product image of an all-black vertical mouse.
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Credit: Logitech

1. Logitech Lift

Best budget vertical mouse overall

DPI: 4,000
Battery Life: 24 months
Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
Weight: 124g

First, we have the Logitech Lift, the epitome of a budget-friendly vertical mouse that doesn't compromise on features. Its sleek and sophisticated design seamlessly merges with a soft textured rubber grip, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for your hand.

Experience true freedom with both Wireless Bluetooth and USB connectivity options, allowing you to navigate effortlessly across your mouse mat. Weighing just 124g and boasting a responsive 4,000 DPI, the Lift guarantees smooth and precise control too.

Crafted at a 57-degree angle, an ergonomic design that aligns with the natural position of your wrists, Logitech's cutting-edge Logi Ergo lab ensures optimal comfort and support. With the Lift, you get a harmonious blend of form, function, and ergonomic excellence, backed by Logitech's renowned expertise.

DeLUX Ergonomic Vertical Mouse product image of a black vertical mouse with RGB lighting.
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Credit: DeLUX

2. DeLUX Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Best budget vertical mouse with wrist rest

DPI: 4,000
Battery Life: 2 weeks
Connectivity: Wired
Weight: 210g

A compact design and customisable DPI mean the DeLUX Ergonomic Mouse proves the best things do come in small packages.

The included wrist rest is completely detachable and can provide a solid supportive surface depending on the angle you choose to hold your mouse.

The Memory Setting Driver allows you to make custom macros and lighting effects, as well as modify your key bindings. When combined with an adjustable DPI range, this should mean you can create your ideal setup for gaming too.

Available in Iron Grey, Jet, and White varieties, the DeLUX Ergonomic Mouse can be seen as one of the more stylish small vertical mice out there, and its RBG lighting strips certainly help it stand out from the crowd.

ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse product image of a wired black vertical mouse featuring multicoloured lighting.
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Credit: ZLOT

3. ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse

Best budget vertical mouse for gaming

DPI: 10,000
Battery Life: N/A
Connectivity: Wired/Wireless
Weight: 170g

A vertical mouse may not be what you immediately think of when it comes to gaming, but with the high stress the activity places upon your wrist, investing in a model such as the ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse can be a smart choice.

A whopping maximum of 10,000 DPI gives you crazy high responsiveness, but an adjustable scale allows you to find the sweet spot if you prefer a lower, more precise feel to your gameplay.

11 programmable buttons make the ZLOT great for games benefiting from multiple key bindings, such as Fortnite, and the mouse is available in both Wired and Wireless varieties, depending on your preference.

If you find the design comfortable, a cheaper Office model is also available, which might be great if you don't need the performance of a gaming mouse, but enjoy the ZLOT's use and feel.

LEVKEY Wireless Vertical Mouse product image of a black vertical mouse with a blue light stripe down the side.
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Credit: LEVKEY

4. LEVKEY Wireless Vertical Mouse

Best budget vertical mouse for the price

DPI: 1,600
Battery Life: 5 days, Rechargeable
Connectivity: USB
Weight: 124g

A budget vertical mouse should only roughly cost around $30 -$70, and the LEVKEY Wireless Vertical Mouse falls on the lower end of this range.

A light weight of 124g means the LEVKEY should feel super easy to use, and low-volume soft click buttons help make this mouse an understated addition to your set-up, despite its somewhat futuristic design.

The DPI may only go up to 1,600, but this can be all you need for everyday use, and even some gamers prefer to use a lower DPI for greater precision and accuracy.

For work use, the Page Back and Page Forward functionality buttons provide convenience when web page browsing, and a 5-day battery life should keep it going and going.

A 24-month warranty is great if you find yourself struggling to adjust or to protect against unforeseen damages, and the rechargeable battery should also help save on any further costs.

Perixx PERMICE-713L product image of a glossy and matte black vertical mouse.
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Credit: Perixx

5. Perixx PERMICE-713L

Best left-handed budget vertical mouse

DPI: 1,600
Battery Life: Unspecified
Connectivity: USB
Weight: 87g

While a budget vertical mouse is a great option for helping improve wrist health, some models overlook their left-handed versions. The Perixx PERMICE-713L is a very affordable option and could be a great choice if you are looking to keep costs even lower.

A minuscule weight of 87g should result in you encountering barely any resistance, and the slightly tiled angle claims to be a more natural position for your hand, allowing greater resting area upon the mouse itself.

Taking regularly available AAA batteries means you can easily reload the Perixx when you run out of juice, and the in-built power-saving mode should help to reduce the frequency of needing to replace them.

Three levels of adjustable DPI come as standard, and a smaller-than-average size helps make the PERMICE great for users with small hands, or if you don't like the feel of a big chunky mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We've answered some of the most commonly asked questions about vertical mice to help your search.

Do I need a vertical mouse?

This will depend on both your wrist health and usage preferences. If you find yourself developing a sore joint, or experiencing frequent pain, you should probably look into investing in such an option, as it could significantly help.

Other options such as a wrist rest or compression gloves can also aid in soothing inflammation or providing a more comfortable resting position, but vertical mice are specifically designed for greater comfort.

Are vertical mice good for gaming?

The short answer is - somewhat. Vertical mice can feel very weird when gaming, as when you click you're not clicking into the surface beneath your mouse, but sideways.

That can feel odd to start with, as a hard click can potentially move your curser along with it.

We'd recommend going for a gaming mouse, but one that is more contoured and ergonomic if possible to reduce wrist strain.

Is it hard to adjust to a vertical mouse?

It will probably be a little strange at first. The vastly different layout of a vertical mouse means your hand will be in a new position, and it will usually take a little while for your muscle memory to build up.

Once you have acclimatised, you can perform any action to the same degree as a regular mouse, but you should probably expect it to take a small amount of time for you to become fully comfortable.

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