Best budget gaming chair 2023

A gaming chair tucked under a desk at a PC setup, with the room bathed in pink light.
Credit: Ella Don

The best budget gaming chair can still bring you a lot of comfort and adjustability, even if its lower price may seem too good to be true.

The very best gaming chairs tend to all have a few things in common: they're made of quality, durable materials, they recline, they often have highly adjustable armrests, and they even feature some game-themed branding. Even if you're spending less, you can still get something that looks and feels the part though.

Because of this, we've put together a list of budget-friendly gaming chairs based on specs, features, price, and anything else we thought made them stand out from the crowd, to kick your search off in the best way possible.

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Best budget gaming chairs

  1. Vitesse Professional Gaming Chair
  2. Homall Gaming Chair
  3. Flash Furniture X10
  4. BestOffice High-Back Gaming Chair
  5. Techni Mobili Kid's Gaming and Student Racer Chair
Vitesse Professional Gaming Chair product image of a black seat with lumbar support.
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Credit: Vitesse

1. Vitesse Professional Gaming Chair

Best budget gaming chair for most people

Colours: Black, Red, Purple
Dimensions: 23.22"D x 14.96"W x 53"H
Material: Leather, Steel
Recline Angle: 90°-180°

A great gaming chair should be comfortable, adjustable, and feel like a quality product. The Vitesse Professional Gaming Chair seems to tick all of these boxes.

Lumbar support and a headrest maximise your available comfort and we think the Vitesse could be great not just for gaming, but for office and home use as well, thanks to its classy, understated design.

Leather upholstery makes for durable and breathable fabric, and the high-strength steel frame should ensure there shouldn't be any unfortunate breakages. An easy-to-clean and sturdy nature means this chair will probably last you a good while.

The bucket seat can be tilted back 180°, and height and swivel adjustability means you should easily be able to find the perfect sitting position.

Homall Gaming Chair product image of a black, white, and red chair.
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Credit: Homall

2. Homall Gaming Chair

Best budget gaming chair for the price

Colours: Black, White, Red, Blue, Grey
Dimensions: 20"D x 14.5"W x 51"H
Material: Faux Leather
Recline Angle: 90°-180°

While the cost of gaming chairs can vary significantly, the Homall Gaming Chair provides a great option for under $100.

A chunky Faux Leather fabric prevents tearing and gives the Homall a quality feel that belies its price point. Add to that its high-density shaping foam, and you've got a comfortable chair that won't break the bank.

A removable headrest pillow and lumbar support give this gaming chair some great additional options, and it also features full height, swivel, and tilt adjustability as standard.

A wear-resistant fabric and Homall's exchange guarantee, whereby you can receive free parts to replace damaged or missing parts, means you should be buying a great long-term product, without hurting your bank account.

FlashFurniture X10 product image of an all-black chair.
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Credit: FlashFurniture

3. Flash Furniture X10

Best budget racing-style gaming chair

Colours: Black, White, Red, Blue, Grey, Orange, Pink, Neon Green, Camo
Dimensions: 26.25"D x 24.75"W x 46.25"H
Material: Wood, Foam, Mesh, Polyurethane, Plastic
Recline Angle: 87°-145°

Racing-style gaming chairs are ever popular, and models such as the Flash Furniture X10 Gaming Chair emulate the appearance of high-performance seats used in racing sports such as Formula 1.

The X10 comes in a wide variety of colour options, and the high back, soft racer style build means you can enjoy your chair's performance, as well as the visuals.

Padded flip-up arms are a relatively unique feature, as most gaming chairs only ever have fixed positions or swivel adjustment at most, and make the X10 a nice option for home use as well.

A heavy-duty Nylon base provides strong support, featuring dual caster wheels which are designed for increased ease of movement, although they may not be so great on the race track...

BestOffice Gaming Chair product image of a black chair with white trim.
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Credit: BestOffice

4. BestOffice High-Back Gaming Chair

Best high-back budget gaming chair

Colours: Black, White, Red, Blue, Grey, Pink, Camo
: 27"D x 24"W x 51"H
Material: Nylon, Metal
Recline Angle: 90-135°

High-back gaming chairs provide increased support for the entire length of your spine, and the BestOffice High-Back Gaming Chair provides a great look and a variety of features all for a competitive price.

A 360° range of motion on smooth-rolling nylon casters means you can easily scoot around, and a heavy-duty metal base means you don't have to worry about treating the chair very gently.

The fabric is breathable premium PU leather, and BestOffice claims the chair will be easy to construct, although expert assembly is also available as an optional purchase.

Freely adjustable lumbar support and a headrest pillow combine with full height, swivel, and tilt adjustability to give the BestOffice High-Back Gaming Chair all the features you're after, and for under $100, it won't set you back a fortune either.

Techni Mobili product image of a dark grey chair with blue trim.
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Credit: Techni Mobii

5. Techni Mobili Kid's Gaming and Student Racer Chair

Best budget gaming chair for kids

Colours: Black, Red, Blue
Dimensions: 22"D x 21.25"W x 35.25"H
Material: Polyurethane, Plastic
Recline Angle: None

If you're looking to provide your favourite young gamer with a great birthday gift, the Techni Mobii Kid's Gaming and Student Racer Chair is a sweet option.

The stylish design can make the kids feel like they are at the wheel of a racing car, and a height-adjustable seat means the chair can grow as they do!

Non-marking nylon casters allow them to race around, but the non-reclinable seat prevents unfortunate accidents from over-excited young gamers.

A 1-year warranty and optional expert assembly are nice features to have and a relatively light weight of 9kg should allow for easy repositioning.

All-in-all the Techni Mobili is an excellent choice for children and young adults looking to grow their passion for gaming.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We've answered some of the most commonly asked queries about gaming chairs to help your search.

Do I need a gaming chair?

We think 'need' is a strong word, but there are many reasons gaming chairs are worth the investment and are now considered a key part of any good setup.

As well as looking fantastic, a good gaming chair can make long sessions much more bearable, as there's nothing worse than letting discomfort tear you away from the action.

Whether you need to invest in one is up to you, but we suggest thoroughly considering it if you're into gaming, or if you like the modern, racing style that they provide to your set-up.

Is a gaming chair comfortable?

Whether or not something is comfortable is largely subjective, but gaming chairs certainly bring good comfort as well as great looks.

Many models include headrests and lumbar support, and ones made from high-quality materials such as leather are pretty likely to provide a snug seat.

That being said, officer chairs are typically more focused on maximising your comfort, as manufacturers don't have to concern themselves with as much time on achieving a great look.

Simple, often black designs are what an office chair will provide, but they can often beat out a gaming chair thanks to higher quality materials.

Should I get a footrest with my gaming chair?

A footrest is certainly considered an optional extra but can be very useful, as it will allow full-body reclining, and maximise your sitting comfort.

Many gaming chairs will come with a footrest, however, they will be significantly more expensive, and if you're after a budget gaming chair you might struggle to find such an all-inclusive deal.

Buying an external footrest is another good option, although in-built versions are normally constructed at the correct angle for reclining, so you may find a more natural fit from a premium model.

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