Best budget electric toothbrush 2023 - Our top picks

If you’ve finally decided it’s time to ditch your manual toothbrush and are now searching for the best budget electric toothbrush, we’ve got you covered right here with our top picks.

If you’ve been considering investing in an electric toothbrush, you might have been asking yourself for a while now whether they’re better than their manual counterparts. And it seems you’re not the only one puzzling over this question.

Scientists have been studying the difference between them over the last few years and the general consensus seems to lead to the fact that electric brushes are more efficient at cleaning plaque from both your teeth and gumline.

Along with their efficiency, they also require less effort, as the brush rotations - which are usually measured in vibrations per minute (VPM) - do all the work for you. All you have to do is simply guide the brush around each area of your mouth.

Another benefit is that they often come with a two-minute timer, which is generally the recommended brushing time given by dentists.

We understand some electric brushes can be very expensive, with a few of the top top-end options, such as Oral B’s iO series, exceeding $100 or $200.

Of course, not everyone wants to spend that much on a toothbrush and that’s exactly why we’ve selected our best budget picks in this buying guide for you to check out. All of them will still do a great job at cleaning your teeth, and some even come with different modes, just like premium options.

With all of this in mind, we’ve picked out these brushes based on specs, features and anything else we thought made them worth considering on your search.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at our top picks for budget electric toothbrushes.

Best budget electric toothbrush

Best budget 3D cleaning electric toothbrush - Oral-B Pro 1000

best budget electric toothbrush oral-b
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Credit: Oral-B
Brand: Oral-B | Motor speed: 20,000 VPM | Battery life: 10 days | Charging time: 22 hours | Modes: Daily Clean

Oral-B are quite possibly the most well-known brand when it comes to electric toothbrushes, so it’s no wonder we’ve included one of their budget-friendly options on this list: the Pro 1000.

This brush has 3D cleaning, which means the brush oscillates and pulsates in order to break up plaque - according to Oral-B, it will remove 300% more plaque from your gumline than a classic manual toothbrush.

It also comes with a pressure sensor, so if you have the tendency to press down too hard on your teeth when brushing, this will stop the brush from pulsating to warn you.

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Another useful feature of the Pro 1000 is a timer on the handle of the brush. It will make it vibrate every 30 seconds to let you know when you’ve been brushing your teeth for between two to three minutes, as this is generally the recommended brushing time by professional dentists.

And compatibility with three different types of Oral-B brush head - CrossAction (which comes in the pack), FlossAction and 3D White - gives you the freedom to buy whichever head you think works best for your teeth.

Best budget powerful electric toothbrush - AquaSonic Black Series

best budget electric toothbrush aquasonic
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Credit: Aquasonic
Brand: Aquasonic | Motor speed: 40,000 VPM | Battery life: 30 days | Charging time: 2 hours | Modes: Clean, Soft, Whiten and Massage

This Aquasonic Black Series electric toothbrush is very powerful, coming with an Ultrasonic motor that produces 40,000 VPM (vibrations per minute). The more vibrations per minute, the better a brush will clean the plaque from your teeth and gumline.

It comes with four different modes so you can tailor it to your brushing requirements, whether you want to brush your teeth normally or polish their surfaces. The modes include ‘clean’, ‘soft’, ‘whiten’ and ‘massage’.

The Black Series also has a lithium-ion battery, which makes it last 30 days after a single charge, and for extra convenience, it has ultra fast wireless charging.

This means you won’t have to wait too long for it to fully charge, plus you might not have to worry so much about it running out of battery if you forget your charger on a short getaway, depending on when you last charged it.

Best budget electric toothbrush for value - PHYLIAN Sonic

best budget electric toothbrush phylian
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Credit: Phylian
Brand: PHYLIAN | Motor speed: 40,000 VPM | Battery life: 60 days | Charging time: 3 hours | Modes: Sensitive, Clean, White, Polish and Massage

The PHYLIAN Sonic electric toothbrush is very decently priced, especially as the pack also includes 8 brush heads. These should last you around 24 months, meaning once you’ve purchased this brush, you don’t have to invest any money into your brushing routine for a very long time.

It’s also very powerful, at 40,000 VPM, so despite the fairly low cost, you still get a good quality electric brush that also offers you varied ways of brushing your teeth.

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The Sonic brush comes with five different modes, so you can choose between options such as ‘Sensitive’, if you have gums that react badly to heavy brushing, or ‘Polish’, if you’d like to whiten your teeth more.

The charge on it is also great - it will fully charge in around three hours and this single charge will last you 60 days before it runs out.

Best budget electric toothbrush with mode selection - JTF P200

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best budget electric toothbrush JTF
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Credit: JTF
Brand: JTF | Motor speed: 40,000 VPM | Battery life: 60 days | Charging time: 12 hours | Modes: Clean, Sensitive, Refresh, Massage and White

With five different and versatile modes, the JTF P200 is great if you have a variety of brushing needs and want to incorporate all of these into your daily or weekly routine.

The modes include ‘Clean’ (for regular cleaning), ‘Sensitive’ (for sensitive teeth or gums), ‘Refresh’ (to polish and brighten teeth), ‘Massage’ (to improve gum health) and ‘White’ (to get rid of stains and whiten teeth).

As you can see, you have plenty of options to choose from with the P200, all of which have their own unique benefits for your oral health. And, added to this, it has a powerful motor producing 40,000 VPM.

The brush also comes with a good charger, which has a sealed and wireless base and a single charge will last you two whole months.

Best budget long-lasting charge electric toothbrush - usmile Y1S

best budget electric toothbrush usmile
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Credit: usmile
Brand: usmile | Motor speed: 38,000 RPM | Battery life: 6 months| Charging time: 4 hours | Modes: Clean, White and Soft

Impressively, one full charge, which only takes four hours, on the usmile Y1S can last you for up to six months. So, if, for example, you go on a long holiday and charge up your brush just before, you won’t need to worry about remembering to pack your charger.

The brush has a sonic motor, which is capable of more than 38,000 RPM (a measurement used to tell the speed of a motor), meaning it’s quite a powerful brush that will aid the removal of plaque.

Coming with three different cleaning modes, the Y1S allows you to choose between ‘Clean’, ‘White’ and ‘Soft’ depending on what best suits your brushing needs.

The brush attachment has Dupont bristles, which help avoid any gum irritation and are, therefore, good if you have particularly sensitive teeth and gums.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric toothbrushes worth it?

Ultimately, yes, electric toothbrushes are worth the money you spend on them. Various studies (including this particular study documented by the Oral Health Foundation charity) have been conducted on their efficacy vs that of manual brushes. And, generally, the findings of these studies indicate that electric brushes better eliminate plaque and reduce the risk of gingivitis more than their manual counterparts.

How often should I change my toothbrush head?

A toothbrush head for an electric toothbrush should usually be changed around every three to four months, as recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA).

This is because bacteria can eventually build up on the bristles of your toothbrush, meaning it's a healthy habit to make sure you change your brush head fairly regularly.

There's also the possibility that your brush head could become frayed before the recommended change time is up, in which case you should replace it as soon as you notice any fraying.

Can electric toothbrushes be used for cleaning your tongue?

Yes, electric toothbrushes can be used for cleaning your tongue. Some brushes even have specific tongue cleaning modes that you can select on them.

Cleaning your tongue can sometimes be overlooked when thinking about brushing your teeth, but it's an important habit to get into because your tongue can facilitate the build up of bacteria.

As long as you make sure to be gentle when brushing it with an electric toothbrush, it should do the job efficiently.

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