Best budget electric razors 2024

A blue and black foil electric razor laying on its side on a white table.
Credit: The Range

A blue and black foil electric razor laying on its side on a white table.
Credit: The Range

The best budget electric razor is the best way to keep your face looking smooth, and without spending too much.

When it comes to electric razors, you've got two main types to consider: foil and rotary. Foil shavers feature straight heads with oscillating blades, guarded by an external 'foil' which allows hair to penetrate in a meshed pattern while keeping you safe. Rotary shavers are designed to offer slightly less protection but typically come with added shave quality and ease of use by contrast. All of that does make choosing the right razor a little tricky at times.

Like when choosing the best budget electric toothbrushes, you'll want to consider things like features, price, battery life, and general reviews too - it's not all about the type of shave.

Fortunately, we've already considered all this for you, and have rounded up five great options that tick all the boxes. These, therefore, are the best budget electric razors we could find...

Best budget electric razors

  1. Braun Series 3 3040s - best choice for most people
  2. Remington F6 Style Series - a great option for the price
  3. Philips Shaver Series 7000 - a top pick for shave quality
  4. King C. Gillette Style Master - a feature-rich shaver
  5. Philips PQ206 - the best option for travelling
Braun Series 3 3040s product image of a black and blue foil razor next to its box.
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Credit: Braun

1. Braun Series 3 3040s

Best budget electric razor for most people

Blade Type: Foil - Battery Life: 45 minutes - Battery Type: NiMH - Charging Time: 1 hour - Waterproof: Yes - Additional Features: Pop-Up Trimmer, Micro Comb, Pressure Sensitive Blades

A fantastic all-round choice at a very affordable price point, the Braun Series 3 3040s features three independently floating blades that can effortlessly adapt to your skin's contours.

The unique Micro Comb allows for greater trapping of hair, resulting in a faster and smoother shave, and a battery life of 45 minutes should be plenty of time to cover even large areas. A 5-minute quick charge time also means the 3040s is usable even if you forget to pre-charge.

A built-in pop-up trimmer allows for easy moustache clipping, and Braun delivers a model that offers strong all-round performance for a very accessible price.

Reasons to buy:

  • It offers two ways to shave
  • You can charge it incredibly quickly so you never have to miss a shave
Remington F6 Style Series Aqua product image of a black foil razor with blue lights on the front.
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Credit: Remington

2. Remington F6 Style Series Aqua

Best budget electric razor for the price

Blade Type: Foil - Battery Life: 1 hour - Battery Type: Li-ion - Charging Time: 90 minutes - Waterproof: Yes - Additional Features: Pop-Up Trimmer, LED Battery Indicator

The Remington F6 Style Series is a fantastic budget option, especially for shower shaving, thanks to its highly waterproof design.

Two independent flexing foils help to reduce skin irritation, and the intercept trimmer helps with pivoting around difficult facial areas. A Stubble Styler guard is included too, which allows you to purposefully achieve a rougher, more grizzled look.

The LED battery indicator also easily shows when power is low, a feature even much more expensive electric razors can neglect.

Reasons to buy:

  • The independent foil system reduces irritation
  • Its Stubble Styler guard allows you to change how you trim your beard
Philips Shaver Series 7000 product image of a grey, black, and blue razor with a three-pronged head, the razor next to its box.
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Credit: Phillips

3. Philips Shaver Series 7000

Best budget electric razor for shave quality

Blade Type: Rotary - Battery Life: 1 hour - Battery Type: Li-ion - Charging Time: 1 hour - Waterproof: Yes - Additional Features: Motion Control Sensor, Built-In Trimmer, Travel Case, Stand, and Cleaning Pod included

When it comes to achieving a quality shave, Phillips has always been able to offer a wide selection of products, and the Shaver Series 7000, while on the higher end of the budget, provides a high-quality shave.

The rotary blade cutters are among the best in the business, with 2,000 micro-tech beads per square millimetre, and the head design aims to channel hair into the middle of the surface area, which helps with reducing missed cuts and speeds up shave time.

The smart shaver syncs up with the GroomTribe app, allowing you to track your shave and improve your technique.

The included cleaning pod can also effectively clean and lubricate the shaver in just 1 minute, making the Series 7000 a quick and easy-to-use implement that belies its higher price point, and means it will be the highlight of your bathroom accessories.

Reasons to buy:

  • Features a unique three-way rotatory shave head
  • Sync it to the app to track your shaves and improve your technique
King C. Gillette Style Master product image of a navy and black razor next to its box.
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Credit: Gillette

4. King C. Gillette Style Master

Best budget electric razor with extra features

Blade Type: Foil - Battery Life: 50 minutes - Battery Type: Li-ion - Charging Time: 8 hours - Waterproof: Yes - Additional Features: Long Lasting Blades, 4D Blades for Cutting and Trimming, Three Combs included

Budget electric razors don't always need to be simple. The King C. Gillette Style Master comes with a host of features, and the 4D provides premium quality trimming options for a fraction of the price.

Three interchangeable combs allow you to easily customise your desired shaving length and are fantastic for both clearing and maintaining stubble.

Cutting on the up and down strokes, as well as being fully waterproof means the Style Master is easily usable in the shower and can function as an all-purpose electric razor, not just a specialist trimmer.

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Highly quality foil blades are claimed to stay sharp for up to 6 months, which helps save on future refill costs.

Reasons to buy:

  • It's packed with features
  • Interchangeable heads allow you to alter how close you shave
Philips Travel Shaver PQ206/18 product image of a compact black razor with two razor heads, the razor itself placed next to a blue and white box.
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Credit: Phillips

5. Philips Travel Shaver PQ206/18

Best budget electric razor for travelling

Blade Type: Rotary - Battery Life: 60 minutes - Battery Type: AA - Charging Time: 0 - Waterproof: No - Additional Features: Self-Sharpening Blades, Travel Case included

When it comes to buying a travel razor, factors such as price and portability are paramount in making your buying decisions. Thankfully, the Phillips PQ206/18 is a real champion in both of these areas, coming in at only the size of a mobile phone and costing a minuscule price.

Two self-sharpening rotary blades mean investing in this model is honestly an unrivalled long-term choice, and is quoted by Phillips as providing up to two years of reliable service.

Taking the easily available AA batteries means you don't have to worry about transporting a charger, and the included travel case ensures the PQ206/18 comes with minimal fuss.

Reasons to buy:

  • It's small enough to travel with
  • Takes AA batteries so you don't necessarily need a charger

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No need to panic if you've got a few questions in mind. We've answered some of the most frequently asked queries below.

Do you need an electric razor?

This will depend entirely on what, where, and how often you wish to shave. If you are shaving rarely, and your follicle offerings do not require any careful consideration, then a manual razor is likely to be a better option for you. Being able to easily dispose of a cheap cartridge razor or investing in a particularly high-quality manual option that you will very rarely need to refill is a good strategy.

However, if you shave regularly, or are after careful trimming or cutting, then we would recommend investing in an electric model. You will save money in the long term by not having to constantly keep refilling razor blades, and the time saved by shaving with an electric version will begin to add up.

Which is better, manual or Eelectric?

Manual razors will often allow for greater speed whilst shaving and can be easily refillable. They can range from high-quality, shaving gel-infused blades, down to cheap and cheerful packet disposables. However, despite the ease of use, manual shaving is more likely to lead to skin irritation and potential cuts and scratches, and as such, requires greater technique.

Electric razors, on the other hand, offer a much safer trim, as the blades are not as exposed, which will allow you to execute a perfect shave without fearing for your skin's health. Saving money on replenishing your supply is always handy, any high-quality electric razor will draw very little power to fully charge.

We believe electric razors are vastly superior when it comes to trimming as well. Being able to vary cutting length on the fly is extremely important, especially for uneven patches or a heavy shave. This is something that is not very practical to achieve with a manual option.

Are there any options for sensitive skin?

When it comes to sensitive skin, it pays to hunt around for a high-quality shaving implement. Manual options will commonly irritate, and having to tend to your wounds after a shave can make the whole process feel like a real chore.

Electric razors are much better for softer skin, and foil razors in particular are much less likely to cause any injury or roughage. When combined with shaving cream, your hairs will actually absorb water, causing them to become bigger and softer. This allows for smoother and safer cutting, but be careful, as your electric razor must be of the 'wet' shave variety.

What else can I do to take care of my facial hair?

Aside from investing in a great budget electric razor, several other products can help your facial hair both look and feel great.

As mentioned above, shaving cream or gel is a fantastic option, especially for people with sensitive skin. Adding smoothness to your shave and reducing the risk of injury is paramount, and the shaving gel in particular can help your skin feel clean and fresh after a shave.

A beard brush is a very overlooked tool and can be one of the best things to buy when it comes to improving your skin and beard health. Stimulating the skin underneath your facial hair will help increase blood flow, and remove any build-up of dead skin. In combination with beard oil, it will allow you to achieve a fuller and thicker look for the hair, and daily use will help ensure healthy skin underneath.

For those of you after more precision, tools such as beard trimmers or nose hair clippers can be used to reach the areas a traditional razor cannot. Although many electric razors come with a built-in trimmer, a manual option can be great if you after precision styling or are struggling to achieve the desired effect.

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