Best bone conduction headphones 2023 - Our top picks

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If you’re on the lookout for the best bone conduction headphones available on the market, then you’ve come to the right place.

The main selling feature of these types of headphones is safety. This is because, unlike traditional headphones, they don’t cover your ears. Instead, they wrap around them and deliver sound vibrations directly to your inner ear via the bones of your cheek and jaw.


What this means is, because it completely bypasses your eardrums, you’re able to be more aware of your surroundings. So, if you’re going for a run in the city and need to cross the road, using them will make it that little bit safer for you.

All of the headphones on our list are conveniently wireless and most are also water-resistant and specially designed to be used whilst exercising. Some can be used for work, though, and come with Bluetooth and built-in or attachment microphones.

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With all of this in mind, we’ve picked out these headphones based on specs, general reviews, and features that we think make them worth buying.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at our top picks for bone conduction headphones.

Best bone conduction headphones


Best bone conduction headphones - Shokz OpenRun Pro

Best bone conduction headphones - Shokz product image of wireless black wrap-around headphones
Credit: Photo by Shokz
Battery life: Up to 10 hours | Battery type: 1x Lithium Polymer | Water-resistant: Yes | Bluetooth: Yes

Shokz’s OpenRun Pro appears to offer great sound quality with exceptional bass. It should allow you to immerse yourself in whatever song or album you're listening to.

This is because they have new bass transducers to promote better all-round sound quality, which vibrates through your cheekbones using Shokz’s 9th bone conduction technology.

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They are wireless, meaning they’re convenient to wear when exercising. A lightweight frame keeps them secure around your head.

You can even enjoy up to 10 hours of music or podcasts on the OpenRun Pro to keep you thoroughly entertained before the charge runs out.

Best budget bone conduction headphones - Kimwood Upgraded Open-Ear

Best bone conduction headphones - Kimwood product image of thin black wrap-around headphones
Credit: Photo by Kimwood
Battery life: Up to 8 hours | Battery type: 1x Lithium Polymer | Water-resistant: Yes | Bluetooth: Yes

If you’re on the lookout for a pair of fairly inexpensive bone conduction headphones that still do the job pretty well, then the Kimwood Upgraded OpenEar seems like a good option.

Designed for sporting activities, they’re lightweight and have an IP55 water-resistant rating. This means you can no longer use the weather and a lack of entertainment as an excuse not to go for a run!

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An 8-hour battery life is also beneficial. As long as you remember to charge it, it shouldn’t run out on you mid-workout.

Bluetooth connection and noise-cancelling technology are also bonuses of the OpenEar headphones, so you can call people if necessary during a long jog.

Best lightweight bone conduction headphones - Shokz Aeropex

Best bone conduction headphones - Shokz product image of wireless red wrap-around headphones
Credit: Photo by Shokz
Battery life: Up to 8 hours | Battery type: 1x Lithium Polymer | Water-resistant: Yes | Bluetooth: Yes

The fact they’re called Aeropex perhaps already gives you a sense that these Shokz headphones are comfortably lightweight.


This can be a great feature if you want headphones for exercising. Let’s face it, no one wants something that weighs their head down when they’re off on a long jog - running is already strenuous enough as it is.

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You can even wear them in the rain without ruining them. An IP67 waterproof rating ensures this.

The Aeropex headphones come with a handy little sports belt, in which you can store the earplugs that are also included in the pack. These will help block out any unwanted background noise so you can listen to music properly.

Best easy-to-use bone conduction headphones - WANFEI WF-05280

Best bone conduction headphones - WANFEI product image of thin blue-grey wrap-around headphones
Credit: Photo by WANFEI
Battery life: Up to 7 hours | Battery type: 1x Lithium Polymer | Water-resistant: Yes | Bluetooth: Yes

Everyone wants something easy to operate, and WANFEI’s WF-05280 headphones are exactly that. They have one button that controls everything.


With this, you should be able to select whatever function you need, from skipping songs to a voice assistant.

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These headphones are lightweight, and so should be comfortable to wear when exercising. Being waterproof also means you can go for a run whatever the weather.

One charge lasts up to 7 hours, which is a decent amount of play time when listening to songs or podcasts.

Best office bone conduction headphones - Shokz OpenComm

Best bone conduction headphones - Shokz product image of black wrap-around headphones with mic attachment
Credit: Photo by Shokz
Battery life: Up to 16 hours | Battery type: 1x Lithium Ion | Water-resistant: Yes | Bluetooth: Yes

With a fixed microphone attachment comes a professional aesthetic. These OpenComm headphones, also made by Shokz, seem as though they would be great to use in the office or for your home setup.


If your work involves working from home and a lot of video conferencing, then partnering these with one of the best budget laptops should still ensure some pretty good audio quality.

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Background noise will become a thing of the past, as the OpenComm headphones are noise-cancelling. You should still be able to communicate well even in a busy office.

They also allow you plenty of talk time - they’ll last up to 16 hours before they need recharging.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a few questions about bone conduction headphones, but don't worry because we've answered some of the most popular queries for you below.

What are the benefits of bone conduction headphones?

A blog on the Shokz website - perhaps the leading brand when it comes to bone conduction headphones - explains the 5 main benefits of this new style of headphones versus traditional headphones.


They say that the main benefit is providing you with better awareness of your surroundings, which should decrease your risk of any accidents happening, particularly when crossing the road. In fact, this is what we feel makes them some of the best running headphones around as well.

Another big benefit is that they're seen to be more hygienic than in-ear headphones, as they potentially harbour less bacteria due to the fact they're not actually inside your ears.

How do bone conduction headphones work?

According to Salus University Pennsylvania Ear Institute, bone conduction headphones transmit sound through vibrations along the bones in your head and jaw. These sound vibrations then make their way directly to your inner ear, bypassing your actual eardrum.