Australian police recruit robot dogs, concerning civilians

People are naturally fearful of a dystopian future and seeing glimpses of it in current life is unsettling, as some Australian citizens have found out. Australian police are now deploying robot dogs into its police force, causing netizens to become worried about more dystopic things to come.

Who’s a good bot? You’re a good bot

Called “Spot,” because it is a robot dog, the Western Australian Police have revealed that they will be using this piece of technology to take care of bombs and other suspicious items. Since the robot dog has four legs, it will be quicker to handle bomb situations and puts actual human beings in less danger.

"Unlike other robots designed primarily for bomb response tasks, which are built on wheel or track platforms, Spot is built on four legs which provides an increased level of agility and flexibility, particularly on harsh, uneven terrain or staircases,” the force wrote on Facebook (via Unilad).

Spot the robot dog also has an arm feature that can do a multitude of things. This includes picking up and carrying items, opening doors, and tasks that need “grip” and “dexterity,” making people wonder if Spot can use weapons. It’s probably why people were commenting about Spot on social media.

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Bomb threats and nothing else?

Despite concerns from netizens over what Spot might do, it seems like the robot dog will only be around to neutralize bomb threats and nothing else. Considering how crazy the world has been over the past few years, many were concerned about seeing the police with a potential weapon in their hands but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

"Essentially, it’s the latest version of adapting cutting edge technology to help policing, make it safer and more efficient, and keep our personal safe,” WA's Police Minister Paul Papalia said to The West Australian.

Only time will tell if Spot ends up becoming dangerous but it seems that the WAS knows what they’re doing, at least for now. Hopefully, they’re right and no one has anything to worry about.

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