Star Wars-esque hoverbike reaches 60mph in impressive test

The Star Wars hoverbikes are fictional vehicles many wish were real, as we imagine them helping us blitz through traffic. Interestingly enough, a real-life hoverbike from Japan has been revealed and is clearly influenced by that galaxy far far away.

We’re in that age where many of the fictional things seen in sci-fi media are slowly becoming a shocking reality. Only time will tell if these hoverbikes take off (get it?) but we’re all for alternate options on the road.

Real-life Star Wars hoverbikes?

A report from Reuters confirms that a Star Wars hoverbike, or something like it, is being planned for release soon. It’s not just on paper either, as the vehicle from Japanese startup AERWINS technology is already selling them in their home country.

Called the XTURISMO hoverbike, this vehicle stays in the air for 40 minutes and moves at 62 miles per hour. Thad Szott, co-chair of the Detroit Auto Show, got to try out the hoverbike, admitting it felt like Star Wars.

"I feel like I'm literally 15 years old and I just got out of 'Star Wars' and jumped on their bike," said Thad Szott. "I mean, it's awesome! Of course, you have a little apprehension, but I was just so amped. I literally had goosebumps and feel like a little kid."

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When is it coming out?

While this Star Wars hoverbike is already on sale in Japan, the US is getting a smaller version in 2023. That doesn’t mean it will be cheap though, as the price is a staggering $777,000 but could go down by $50,000 in 2025.

Anyone hoping to pick up this vehicle in the near future will have to break the bank and maybe rob some in the process. Still, there’s no denying how cool it will be to see Star Wars fans hovering above people and getting hit by birds.

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