Attack of the Clones’ stupidest plot hole stupidly fixed in new book

Star Wars’ prequel trilogy was not the best it could’ve been. While fans have driven many of the trilogy’s misgivings today, the prequels are still intriguing-if-mediocre movies, and Attack of the Clones is, by far, the worst of the three.

With the corniest dialogue and some of the stupidest plot holes, the second Star Wars prequel is a bit of a mess. However, Disney is still attempting to salvage the movie with new material.

Attack of the Clones plot hole fixed… kinda

The inciting incident of Attack of the Clones is an assassination attempt on Padmé Amidala. This attempt leads the Naboo Senator to be guarded by Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Whilst guarding Padmé, an assassin called Zam Wesell attempts to kill the Senator, leading to a speeder chase. The plot hole? Zam Wesell is a shapeshifter, and doesn’t shift shapes when they lose the Jedi, leading to their death.

Via Reddit, Star Wars has fixed this idiotic plot hole, but only kind of. In the upcoming Star Wars: Secrets of the Bounty Hunters book, Wesell has an excerpt that explains why they never changed shape. Essentially, they’re a moron.

The excerpt reveals that the expert bounty hunter simply didn’t want to… for “revenge”. It reads: 

“Wesell survived the resulting speeder crash and managed to briefly escape the Jedi. As a Clawdite, she could have simply changed her face and faded away into the crowd. But for some, revenge is just as rewarding as a pile of credits. Wesell could not resist the chance to strike bad at the Jedi who had ruined her job. I am assuming you have never tried to sneak up on someone who has mastered the Force but let me tell you, it never ends well.”

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The better explanation

Of course, as with a lot of prequel plot holes, there’s a much better reason for the bounty hunter’s idiotic actions: oversight. Originally, Wesell was not conceived as a shapeshifter. However, at some point during development, George Lucas wanted them to be a shapeshifter.

All of the scenes involving the character were written, blocked, filmed and edited. However, at some point, Lucas wanted the scene to have something more, even if it didn’t make sense.

Attack of the Clones is not a good movie, and the dumbness of one shapeshifter is certainly lost in the noise for most viewers. However, our head canon was that Zam Wesell was just stupid, and we think that’s much better. After all, what’s better than a comedy of errors?

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