New Star Wars movie won't launch until 2024 at the earliest

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It’s been years since a new Star Wars movie hit theaters, with fans wondering when we’re getting a new one. Fans might have longer for the next movie, as a rumour claims that Disney and LucasFilm are taking their time.

After The Last Jedi divided the fanbase and The Rise of Skywalker disappointed them even more, waiting might be good. However, the franchise has been under constant scrutiny since The Force Awakens, so take this with a grain of salt.

Waiting for more Star Wars

Matt Belloni’s Puck News newsletter (via Reddit) claims that we won’t be getting a new Star Wars movie until 2024 or more. Belloni claims that the delay is due to Kathleen Kennedy not wanting to rush things after Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi.

If Belloni is correct, we won’t be getting a new movie in this franchise announced during the highly-anticipated D23 event. Disney plans on making several big announcements in the show, one of which might be another Tom Holland Spider-Man trilogy.

Fans should take this with a grain of salt since anyone who immediately mocks Johnson’s The Last Jedi lacks credibility. Since D23 is this weekend, we’ll get to see if there’s anything new related to that galaxy far far away.

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No movie, no problem

Despite fans desperately wanting a new Star Wars movie, the recent influx of shows in this franchise has been successful. Fans still love The Mandalorian to this day and there are high hopes for Rogue One prequel Andor coming soon.

Other shows that have been discussed include another season of Obi-Wan Kenobi and the upcoming Ahsoka show, amongst other plans. It’s clear that fans of the franchise are eating quite well, without a new movie in sight to think about.

Fans can stream all of the Star Wars movies and shows on the Disney+ streaming service.

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