The Lost Ark Witcher expansion with

The Lost Ark Witcher expansion on an background

The Lost Ark Witcher expansion on an background

The gorgeous MMORPG Lost Ark is one of the biggest games of the last ten years. Upon release, the Amazon and Smilegate project skyrocketed to the top of Steam’s most played games, smashing records for the platform.

Released in South Korea in 2019, this expansive, ambitious, AAA MMO managed to capture local hearts. When it released globally, it was no surprise that it quickly became one of the most played games PC gamers have ever seen.

In January 2023, Lost Ark receives its much-anticipated Witcher expansion, partnering with CD Projekt RED. This expansion will allow you to collect special cards, stronghold structures, emojis, and scars, letting you become a full-fledged Witcher inside the MMO’s world.

Entry into Lost Ark is completely free, but you can pay for in-game currency that will help you skip some of the grind. Of course, there’s no pressure to do this; you can play perfectly fine without spending, but dropping a few bucks will help you get ready for the expansion in time.

Just like with World of Warcraft or other MMOs, you may just want to pay your way into the content that you want to play. While Lost Ark’s main campaign is thrilling, you may just want to play through its Witcher content. So, what can you do?

The first option is to purchase Lost Ark gold from services such as This service allows you to purchase gold or even full accounts from other players on a server by server basis, in any quantity you like.

Furthermore, you can purchase a Lost Ark boost service. This is a service that lets you pay other players to level-up your character in your stead. Can’t be bothered to play through a particularly boring dungeon? You can just pay someone to play for you!

Why should you get someone to play Lost Ark for you? Well, mostly because of how gosh darn long it is. Unfortunately, massive MMOs require a lot of time commitment, and you may not have time to grind up to get ready

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