How Immutable’s $50 Rewards Program Shows the Evolution of Crypto in Gaming

How Immutable’s $50 Rewards Program Shows the Evolution of Crypto in Gaming

How Immutable’s $50 Rewards Program Shows the Evolution of Crypto in Gaming

Crypto in gaming has a long and sometimes controversial history. By the mid-2010s, both traditional gaming companies and blockchain-focused gaming ones were using digital assets like cryptos and NFTs in their projects. Sometimes, this was met with criticism from fans and developers who felt that crypto didn’t belong in gaming spaces.

But years later, crypto still has a prominent place in gaming, with new developments being announced all the time. Case in point, Immutable, a blockchain gaming platform, has announced its new rewards program. Dubbed the web3 gaming quest and rewards program, it is worth $50 million.

Details About the Program

This program is called ‘The Main Quest’ and the $50 million secured so far will be for those who play any of the 270 titles in Immutable’s roster currently under development. 10 of these have already been added to the program and players who complete quests within them can enjoy these rewards.

Starting today, players can get rewards immediately by exploring quests, playing games and owning collections on Immutable," Immutable said in a public statement.

It was also mentioned that this program is looking to show the benefits of digital asset ownership and using gaming as a way to reach consumers.

The Evolution of Crypto in Gaming

For as long as GameFi has existed, developers have used the promise of digital assets to bring in players. Many games offer characters, in-game items, and much more to those who sign up and this has been a big drawn

In some cases, the digital assets are the keys to gaining access to the games and experiences in the first place, such as in the case of the Otherside metaverse. But besides cryptos being used in traditional gaming, there is also its presence in gambling.

Crypto casinos have been steadily growing in popularity over the last few years and as Sergio Zammit points out, virtually every token from Bitcoin to Solana can be used to gamble. Many of these casinos also offer rewards to users in the form of crypto.

These can be deposit matches, bonuses, and much more. These types of casinos might have been a novel concept a few years ago but now, they are much more commonplace. Besides the platforms that deal in traditional casino games, there are also sports betting sites, lotteries, and much more on the market.

This goes to show that crypto has, one way or another, found application in every form of gaming. Cryptocurrency can act as both a facilitator of gaming, a tool while gaming, and a post-gaming reward. It also shows that crypto, despite all the roadblocks that it has faced, continues to thrive within the gaming space.

If Immutable’s rewards program is a hit, other projects in the space might follow suit and this means that crypto’s use in gaming will only be more secure moving forward. This, of course, will benefit both the companies in the space and the players as well.

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