Give Me Strength Moments: All or nothing when pushing the limits

Improving our lap-times. It’s one of the main things that drives us to improve on track, other than a sweet sweet podium finish of course. However, pushing yourself to the limit doesn’t come without risks.

Luckily for us, Trebor and their Extra Strong mints provide plenty of fresh confidence to call out those moments and unlock our inner confidence to keep it real.

Here, our racing experts share their Give Me Strength moments when it comes to pushing the limits on-track, from losing control in Canada to spiralling off into space on Rainbow Road.

Got a Pushing the Limit moment of your own? Reply to our posts on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with a clip, image, or comment and you could win a brand new G923 steering wheel. Just be sure to include #GiveMeStrength in your post.

Wall of Champions (and broken controllers)

The Canadian track is a favourite of racers everywhere thanks to having plenty of overtaking spots. With fast corners and close walls it is a track that begs you to push the limits. Go too far and one infamous wall is waiting.

The Wall of Champions has its name for a reason. The fateful Canadian Grand Prix of 1999 saw three F1 title winners push the limits at the final corner, and millions of virtual racers have followed them into the wall over the years. Including us.

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The same goes for the sim-racing community, who dread that fateful wall and its race-ending implications more than any other.

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Raging at Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road. That name has haunted generations of racers. It doesn’t matter which version of the track you’ve raced on over the years, push the limits and Rainbow Road bites back simply by jettisoning you off into space.

One too many times have we attempted one of the numerous shortcuts on the circuit… And not once have we made it. Does that stop us trying? Get with the programme, of course it doesn’t! Second place will never be good enough.

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Young and old Mario Kart fanatics alike have experienced the same dread as they see their 200cc bike float off into the abyss…

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Worrying Heights

Rallying is an incredible experience. From the noise, to the aesthetic of the cars to the stages themselves, the whole experience is breathtaking. What’s even more breathtaking? Rolling down a hill.

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Our final pushing the limits rage-inducing moment is when you stay on the throttle for half a second too long and wind up rolling down the side of a mountain or get a bit too up-close-and-personal with a tree. Not only is it embarrassing, you also lose out on time… A lot of time.

Thankfully, it’s not just us who has flipped a priceless rallying masterpiece into unforgiving stone...

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Let us know your Give Me Strength moments

Think we missed something? Have you pushed the limit and left it all in a wall? Why not pop a Trebor Extra Strong mint and find the courage to speak up about your Give Me Strength moment!

Reply to our posts on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with your Give Me Strength track limits moment and you could win a brand new G923 steering wheel. Just be sure to include #GiveMeStrength in your post.

Look out for the next Give Me Strength moments episode, where rage quit moments are the order of the day.

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