AndaSeat Kaiser 4 Series Gaming Chair Hands On - Like Sitting On A High-Tech Cloud

AndaSeat Kaiser 4 Series Gaming Chair Hands On - Like Sitting On A High-Tech Cloud

AndaSeat Kaiser 4 Series Gaming Chair Hands On - Like Sitting On A High-Tech Cloud

The very best gaming chairs are the ones you forget are there. Not, like, when you walk in a room, but when you're sitting on them - thrones that support and cushion with such supreme comfort that they almost become an extension of your body. And we reckon that the AndaSeat Kaiser 4 Series definitely fits into that category. This is a chair that oozes quality, with so many refinements and such adaptability that it's pretty much guaranteed to become your new favourite place to sit.

Quietly Finding the Perfect Spot

The first time you perch on a AndaSeat Kaiser 4 Series, you're going to be shocked by a couple of things. Firstly, just how quiet it is. There are no creaks or squeaks, even when you're rolling about on the chair's wheels or playing around with the height customisation or reclining functions. It's a bit like sitting on a cloud. And that sensation extends to the comfort as well - this thing is designed to cup and hold in all the right places, and once you've set it up to your liking, it's a thing of exquisite sitting beauty.

Set up? What does that mean? It means that there are loads of ways you can make sure you're sitting comfortably in the AndaSeat Kaiser 4 Series. For example, there's a moveable lumbar support to make sure that your posture is perfectly supported. It's as easy to move around as the rest of the chair, and once you've hit that sweet spot, it's hard not to let out a contented sigh. And it doesn't matter whether you're tall, small, or somewhere in between - this is a chair that's designed to fit all manner of body shapes and sizes.

Interdimensional Armrests

The armrests are pretty impressive too. Impressive armrests? Is that a thing? It is when they're 5D. They're so moveable that even the strangest arm positions are going to find a way to be comfortable. Tweak them up, tweak them down, tweak them left, right and diagonally. And no matter how much you tweak them, the build quality of the AndaSeat

Kaiser 4 Series is going to make sure there's more tweaking to be done in the future.

Yup, this isn't a premium chair for nothing. Every part of it feels like it's going to outlive most of the rest of the world. And, in an interesting twist, the materials here are pretty darn eco-conscious as well. The chair is made of a synthetic polyurethane leather, which is almost impossible to believe when you're sitting on it. There are no aerosols in the materials either. Well made and environmentally friendly? What else could this chair possibly have going for it?

Too Cool for School

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Well, it looks freakin' awesome as well. Sometimes gaming chairs can be a little embarrassing, but this is the kind of throne you're not going to be ashamed to show your parents. It's slick, there are a bunch of different colours to choose from and - whisper it - all of them look really cool. Oh, and they actually are cool as well.

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That was a clever way to let you know that there's some swanky airflow technology going on with the AndaSeat Kaiser Series 4. Even when things are getting a bit sweaty in the middle of a gaming session, you're going to be able to stay cool, calm and collected. It's basically an extra edge against your competitors, and those are nothing to sniff at.


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There's so much to love about the AndaSeat Kaiser Series 4, that it's pretty much impossible not to recommend it. Whether you're looking for a new gaming chair, or even something for your home office, the AndaSeat Kaiser Series 4 should be at the top of your wishlist.

The Kaiser 4 series is part of a mid-year sale from AndaSeat too, and the full pricing information is detailed below. Here’s the official AndaSeat site where you can take full advantage of these discounts too!

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